Online Fantasy sports in India
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Is Online Fantasy Sports in India a ‘game of skill’ or ‘game of chance’?

As parents, we always worry about our kid’s addiction to online games. Many parents raise their voices to ban the games because the obsession with online games leads some children to take even their lives. However, the pandemic has only increased our dependence on the virtual world. We need to learn how to live with […]

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Advice for Hajj during COVID-19 about Health And Security

International SOS, the medical and security services company, is providing advice on health preparations Health And Security Advice for Hajj Amidst Covid-19. This year, the Hajj begins between 17 July and 22 July. The pilgrims will start arriving on Saturday. The Ministry of Hajj announced that the 60,000 people permitted include residents of all nationalities […]

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