Sustainable Aviation Fues

In a first, rescue helicopter flies on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

When the rescue helicopter flew on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), it was a breakthrough in international aviation. A German non-profit organization, ADAC Luftrettung, used Biofuel, a SAF, to refuel Airbus H145 rescue helicopter. Global Emission Report says that Aviation industry produces a large amount of Carbon Emission, especially the Passenger Aviation Sector. Why use H145 […]

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Solar Eclipse Today
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Witness Solar Eclipse today in a short while

Watch solar eclipse today, June 10, 2021, people in the northern hemisphere will have the opportunity to witness the ring of fire . Viewers in parts of the eastern US and northern Alaska will see a partial eclipse, along with a large of much of Canada and some areas in Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Northern Russia, Greenland and northern Africa. In India, […]

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