lead an eco-friendly lifestyle

10 things Lorena does to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle

Lorena is like any of us, with the only difference that everything she does is to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. She cares about the surroundings a lot, so she ensures to limit waste to the least.

She was recently featured on Nas Daily because she makes every effort to make the earth better.

Lorena follows a green lifestyle in everything she does round the clock. She is unashamed to follow her conviction while partying or at work. Anyone can take inspiration from her and lead an environment friendly lifestyle to make the planet better.

Here are 10 things that Lorena does to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle

Doesn’t waste food

She doesn’t waste a morsel of food; she eats even the apple stubs. And she stores the rotten meals in the refrigerator for compost. She stores the food waste of her friends too.

She collects leftover from parties

When she goes to parties, she carries a container so as to bring back leftovers. The waste food includes half-eaten fries, water bottles and sauces. “We waste 1/3rd of the food we produce. And it’s now not just that food. It is everything needed to make it.” says Lorena

Deletes emails everyday

She deletes unnecessary emails every day because “they are taking up too much server space and energy”.

Showers in cold water

She bathes fast and in cold water so as to save water and energy.

Reuses water from shower

She also collects water from the shower to reuse it when she goes to the toilet. “We don’t need clean water for the toilet. So why not use water from the shower.”

lead an eco-friendly lifestyle

Doesn’t use plastic

She refuses to use plastic on any pretext, “Because plastic doesn’t biodegrade. It simply turns into microplastics. And continues polluting.” Wherever she goes she takes her own cutlery and containers. “Just in case there are any leftovers, I don’t want to ask for any single use plastic.”

Call’s manufacturing companies to make changes

She contacts companies to make changes in their product so that they make them eco-friendly.  “If you will tell them what you don’t like, maybe they’ll change it.”

Buys Second hand clothes

She doesn’t purchase fast fashion clothes. She strictly buys second hand clothes. “Fashion industry is one of the most polluting ones. In this way I extend the clothe’s life.”

Collects used oil

She collects used oil in a bottle and recycles it. “1lt oil can pollute 40,000 Litres of water.”

She is vegan

She brings her very own meals to weddings and at Christmas, “When there is no vegan options”. “I’m vegan for animals. Animal agriculture pollutes more than the complete transport industry. Going plant based totally is one of the biggest actions we can take to decrease our impact!”

Because of the way she is, she nearly received a lawsuit. And nearly lost her job. But none of this stops her. “Once I nearly got sued, via a huge soda company. Because of what I used to be announcing about plastic. And I as soon as nearly misplaced my job, due to the fact I wouldn’t robotically supply straws to the customers.”

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Lorena Pérez @sustentofila

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