Why Rishi Sunak and three others barred from a pub ‘for lifetime’? LATEST LIFESTYLE NEWS OCT 27

Why Rishi Sunak and three others barred from a pub ‘for lifetime’?

Rishi Sunak, son in law of Narayan Murthy and Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, was barred for life from a Yorkshire bar and restaurant that falls in his constituency Richmond. The reasons being that he voted against free school meals for kids during the holidays. Not only Sunak but also three others, MPs Simon Clarke, Matt Vickers and Jacob Young been barred from the Mill pub and it’s restaurant Mulino in Stokesley. The reason for the lifetime ban was that Alex Cook, the owner of the restaurant was not happy with the four for them voting against free meals at school. He said that it was a poor decision to children let go hungry in 2020 and he plans to supply 100 meals to food banks next week.

There is water on the Sunlit side of the Moon

NASA announced that there is water on the sunlit surface of the moon. Previously it was thought that water was found only on the cold, shadowy areas, however, NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) telescope discovered water in a sunlit area, which is Calvius Crater, one of the largest crater visible from earth. Though Sahara desert has 100 times more water than what is discovered on the moon, the discovery is important for the next explorations to Moon. The water from the moon can be used for drinking, fuel and breathable oxygen; in that way, more equipment can be carried for exploration during the next expedition to the moon.

Anitbodies diminish away in the Covid-19 infected

A study in Britain found that antibodies faded from 6% to 4% population, in three months. Moreover, the antibodies waned faster in the asymptomatic Covid sufferers. The study was conducted for three months, from June to September, on 3, 65,000 on random adults. In three months, the number of people with antibodies fell by 26%. According to the researchers, the immunity wanes away at the same pace as the antibodies fade away. The inference indicates the reason behind the diminishing immunity among the population.

Amitabh Bachchan not hospitalized says Abhishekh

Abhishekh Bachchan denied the news that Amitabh Bachchan has been hospitalized since Saturday. He said that the man in the hospital might be a duplicate of his father. The actor,  earlier hospitalized for 23 days for covid, began shooting for Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 just a few days ago. Abhishek, Aishwarya and Aradhya were all affected by Covid, however, the mother and daughter recovered soon. The actor is said to healthy and fine.

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NASA to make an exciting new announcement about moon in an hour, LATEST LIFESTYLE NEWS OCT 26

NASA to make an exciting new announcement about moon in an hour

NASA is all set to make an ‘exciting’ announcement about the Moon, today October 26th at 4 PM, GMT. Though they have not revealed what will be said, there were a lot of clues, in the press release, about the announcement. ‘This discovery contributes to NASA’s efforts to learn about the Moon in support of deep space exploration’ says the press release on the NASA website. Besides, NASA plans to send the first woman, and next man, to Moon in 2024; and prepare for the next giant leap of man – Exploration of Mars by 2030.  To watch the live announcement visit the channel.

Oxford Covid vaccine trial shows immune response on elderly

In a new ray of hope, Covid-19 vaccine under trial by Oxford and AstraZeneca seems to protect the elderly against the virus. The group which is so far the most vulnerable to Covid-19 has shown ‘robust immune response’ according to a Financial Times report. As the age factor increases, the immunity level comes down; hence the elderly are the most prone to have a fatal infection. In the dedicated effort being done the world over, to come up with a vaccine that can protect the population against the virus, the vaccine under trial at Oxford is proving to show a positive response. The test reveals that volunteers from the age of 18-55 developed positive antibodies and T-cells, which those familiar with the research say is a ‘robust immune response’.

Thousands of seals die in Namibia

Thousands of Cape fur seals were found dead on the beaches of central Namibia. The dead seals were first noted in the middle of October at a place which is a breeding colony. There were seal foetus, miscarried by the female seals. and later there was an increase in the number of dead adults seals also. The dead seals were estimated to be between 5000 and 7000, and the numbers were increasing with the death probably caused by malnutrition, pollution or disease. The reason for the starvation could be because the Fish is few in this area now. Similarly in 1994 estimated 15,000 seals had died due to starvation.

Hrithik Roshan buys apartments for Rs 1 Crore

The Krissh actor Hrithik Roshan bought triple flats facing the Arabian Sea. The flats on the 14th, 15th and 16th floor were bought for a total of Rs 97.5 Core and he spent Rs 1.95 for the registration, with a total amount of around Rs 100 Crore. The actor plans to convert the 38000 sq. ft. apartments into a bungalow which will be a ‘Mansion in the Air”. 

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Nothing imported, including liquor, at military canteens. Latest lifestyle news Oct 24

Nothing imported, including Liquor, at military canteens

As per sources, foreign goods will not be sold from the 4000 military canteens in the Country. From Liquor, electronic goods and many other foreign goods, the military canteen store department (CSD) sold over $2billion goods, thereby making them one of the largest retailers in India. The Military personnel used to buy imported items at discounted rates that formed almost 6-7% of the canteend total sales. The move is aimed to support the initiative of the Prime Minister to support products manufactured in India. According to reports finished goods from foreign countries will not be sold, which mean scotch from Scotland Whisky will not be available, however liquors bottled in India with imported ingredients will be available.

US Election: One vote from Space

Kate Rubins, the only American Astronaut in International Space Station, cast her vote for the US Election. For the election that will be held on November 3rd, she voted from a padded ISS Voting Booth in Crew-1 and tweeted an image in front of the booth with the caption “I Voted”. Ahead of the space mission, the astronauts register as absentee voter through Federal Postcard Application or FPCA, like the Military personnel. In the 2016 Election also, Rubins voted from the Space.

3 Apps removed from Google Play

The seemingly innocent-looking APPs, aimed at children were removed by Google. The three APPs together had more than 20 Million downloads and were popular. However, they were found to breach the Data collection Policy of Google. The violation which was identified by a nonprofit watchdog in Boston. The three removed APPs – Princess Salon, Number Coloring and Cats & Cosplay were retrieving Android ID and AAID (Android Advertising ID) numbers of the Users.

Neha Kakkar’s Mehendi Ceremony pictures shared

Beautiful and bubbly, Neha Kakkar shared here Mehendi Ceremony pictures. She looks as charming as always, in the pictures of her pre-wedding ceremonies going viral. Neha’s Wedding with Rohanpreet Singh became a buzz when the picture of the Rokha ceremony was shared online two weeks ago. She is in Delhi with her family where the marriage takes place.

Watch Iceland Prime Minster when Earthquake struck during live interview

During an online interview with Washington Post, the Iceland Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir was interrupted by a 5.6 magnitude Earthquake. The building and everything in the room rattles, and a shockedJakobsdóttir says “Oh my god, there’s an earthquake.” Within moments she recomposes, smiles and says “Well, this is Iceland,” and resumes answering the question about Coronavirus affecting the tourism in Iceland. The Prime Minister herself tweeted the video, which went viral, with the caption “I hope everyone is feeling good and steady”.

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Latest Lifestyle News, Babies ingest micro plastic Everday…..

Scientist discover a new organ in throat

Scientists in the Netherlands accidentally discovered a new salivary gland in the neck, while researching prostate cancer. There are perhaps hundreds of salivary glands, and this particular gland might be responsible for lubricating the upper throat, behind the nose and mouth. During cancer treatments, patients complain of side effects. According to the scientist, the detection of this new set of the salivary gland will help in sparing this gland during some treatments thereby reducing the side effects. The scientist named the “Previously overlooked bilateral macroscopic salivary glands” as “tubarial glands” and said, “Sparing these glands in patients receiving RT may provide an opportunity to improve their quality of life.”

Babies ingest microplastics everday through plastic feeding bottles

According to a new study, scientist found that babies fed with milk bottles consume millions of microplastics each day. According to the study, 82 per cent of the babies were fed by using the polypropylene plastic feeding bottles, and only a very marginal number of glass feeding bottles were used. The microplastics were released when hot milk or any other liquid was poured into the bottles, and also when the bottles were sterilized in hot water. Similarly, microplastics are released from plastic kettles and food containers.

An apple saves a man from Heart Failure

Proving true the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, the modern-day Apple Watch saved the life of a Heart patient in India. 61-year old R. Rajhans was gifted an Apple Watch Series 5, by his son who studies in Harvard. The Apple Watch includes a feature to monitor the ECG. When Mr Rajhans, a retired Pharmacist, felt uneasy, he checked the ECG. He was feeling the discomfort in the night too. They shared their concern with the doctor and he was diagnosed with a valve failure, which could lead to cardiac arrest and heart-related fatalities. Surgery was performed and the mitral valve was replaced. Siddharth Rajhans, who worked in various companies in Silicon Valley, including Apple, informed Apple CEO, Tim Cook, about how the App save his fatther. Mr Cook wished him a speedy recovery.

28 year old doctor, a covid vaccine trial volunteer, dies

28-year-old, Covid-19 Vaccine trial volunteer, died yesterday in Brazil. The news was reported by the Brazilian Health Authority, Anvisa, however the Vaccine trials will continue they said. On te other hand, AstraZeneca, says that their trial volunteer, a Frontline Doctor, was not administered the vaccine. But there are claims made by the media that the person was given a shot of placebo and not the trial vaccine.

Saif acquires Rs 800 Crore Pataudi Palace

Saif Ali Khan buys back Pataudi Palace for Rs 800Cr. The Palace initially built by his grandfather, for his grandmother, was leased out for a hotel, by his father Mansoor Ali Pataudi, to run a hotel. Saif, who currently owns the property, wanted to regain the family property as his father and grandparents are buried there. When the opportunity arose he wrapped up the lease and took the ownership of the ancestral property. Saif, along with Karina and Taimur spent one month at the palace. He said that he was eventually planning to stay at the Palace.

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indian nurse to speak at WORLD LUNG HEALTH CONFERENCE

With President Clinton and WHO Director General, she shares the dias, at the World Lung Health Conference. Divya Sojan is a three time TB survivor, and a fighter to the core. Furthermore, She works as a nursing officer at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi.

A doctor took note of her fighting spirit, and, in fact, he did not have a second thought while recommending her name as speaker for the World Health Conference. On publishing the list of speakers, to the surprise of everyone, those joining Divya as opening speakers included President Bill Clinton, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Director General of WHO), Princess Dina Mired, and actress and Union Ambassador Claire Forlani.

World Lung Health Conference


In the 51st Conference on Lung Health, from 20-24 October 2020, Divya will speak about the impact of Covid-19 on those suffering from TB in India. Besides, President Clintion will be giving the key note address.

Orginally planned in Seville, Spain, an estimate of around 4000 delegates will be participating in the 5 day conference to be held virtually, this year.

“Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic requires strong leadership and we are thrilled to have two global health leaders like President Clinton and Director-General Tedros commit to speaking to Union World Conference delegates at this critical time,” said José Luis Castro, Executive Director of The Union.

“We will ensure that this year’s Union World Conference is a key platform for scientists, community, policymakers and political leaders to both deliver and promote solutions that can contribute to getting us on the path to end the pandemic. Scientific integrity and evidence-based policy must be at the heart of everything we do.” said José Luis Castro, Executive Director of The Union

“COVID-19 is a stark reminder of the vital importance of breathing, and the devastating effects of anything that takes our breath away, including tobacco, air pollution and diseases such as TB,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “The pandemic is a wake-up call to do everything in our power to make sure everyone, everywhere can breathe freely and cleanly.”

Meet Molly: helping the needy

Recognising and helping the needy and reaching them with the right kind of support is the gift, which only a very few possess. Molly Varghese is one such person who helps in whichever way she could the needy that came to her notice.

“Social work is my passion and hobby. I love people smiling after a small service given to them – that makes my day”, says Molly who distributed more than 1400 free food kits, during lockdown, to the underprivileged not possessing a ration card. A former military nurse of lieutenant officer rank, she even visited the Tihar Jail, few years ago, to offer counselling sessions for the inmates.

Lockdown Food Kits

The very first day of lockdown she realized the hardships that the poor will undergo. “I could not sleep on March 24th the day of declaring lockdown because I knew them who will suffer and I realised they were in trouble.”

The girl donated her piggy bank savings on her birthday to Molly Aunty to help the needy

“So I called social work partner Sonu Suhail and explained everything to him. With Rs 5000 donated by my daughter and Rs 5000 by another friend, on March 25th we distributed 20 food kits worth Rs 700 among slum dwellers, the place where we earlier conducted classes for the beggar children.” The food kit contained essential items like rice, wheat flour, oil and dals.

Numbers increased, until June 8th, daily 30-40 food kits amounting to Rs 4.5 lakh got distributed. Taking notice of her efforts, ChildLine provided a vehicle to distribute the food kits. Even now a few families are being supported until they become stable.

helping the needy
A little child wrapped in warm cloth inspiration behind the name Care & Share

First instance of helping the needy

Her first experience with social work began when a lady with two small children, a boy and a girl and a drunkard husband approached her. Molly helped the children get admission in renowned schools and now the boy graduated from DU and the girl is pursuing a nursing degree. “Since the children got daily guidance without fail they did not go astray. A help which later I understood was kind of social service.”

Finding a passion at 50

She became involved in social work at the age of 50, after fulfilling the duties of nurturing her only daughter. “At 50 years I had a conversation with Lord and I wanted to give back as I continued receiving blessings from Lord. ‘I said Lord “I am 50 now, all these years I spent time for my daughter and family. Give me something to do.”

helping the needy
The elderly lady lost is a mela (Village fair), later reunited with her family

Tihar Jail Visit

The first opportunity was the visit to the Tihar jail “Two years I heard their cries (some have convicted crimes too) and some yet to prove their innocence. After two years it was too much for me to take. It was too heavy to handle as they all prisoners waited for us as solace and to call their families. Prisoners’ family are the most affected because of the earning member and they get no support.”

How do you recognize the needy?

Finding the needy is very easy. It is my promise and a plea to Lord that no day should go without helping someone; even a smile will do. As I get the money I will find the needy. If we look around there are hundreds of needy. Guards, maids, beggars, women exploited by husbands and so on. People approach me not in big numbers, one or two in a month. People give money through the what app group called Care & share.

helping the needy
The million dollar smile on receiving warm clothes

Family Support

The family supports. Husband, who works with a private firm, takes care of the accounting and daughter gives the financial support to help the needy.

What message do you convey to the readers on Gandhi Jayanthi?

Gandhiji said ‘be the change what you want to see in the world. So BE THE CHANGE unless we change nothing happens it is futile to expect others to change. Nothing is impossible if you have a passion.

Age is not a bar to study. If we study after a lot of experience in life it is a different feeling. In adult education, we study for the sake of learning. The real learning is real acquiring of knowledge.

Gandhi,a superhuman being, embraced everyone with his love irrespective of cast creed and class, and his used non-violence and peaceful approach. The teaching of Jesus Christ inspired him. Love, compassion, kindness and mercy are the virtues we need like Gandhi to see the human being as the children of one God.

is there a difference between appam and aappam ?

Does there exist a difference between appam and aappam? When a chef presented appam, I could make out from the texture that it was aappam (ɑːpam) and not appam (əˈpam).

The chef agreed that it was aappam (‘a’ as in ‘part’) and not appam (‘a’ as in ‘America’). To my friends, this was new information as they said that they never knew that appam was different from aappam.

Besides, on browsing, no such article or video existed clarifying the difference between Appam and AAppam.

What is appam?

If bread means any baked item made with flour, yeast and water; in Malayalam appam refers to any baked, steamed, fried or pancaked item made with flour. Appam can be vattayappam, unniyappam, Nei appam, idiyappam, Vella appam, palappam and so on.

When you add yeast to the rice batter and make pancakes on a flat pan, then we get velleyappam. So, when you add urad dal to the rice batter and ferment, as in idli, and prepare pancakes, then that is dosa.

Here we are discussing the appams prepared in appachetty (small hopper pans shaped like a deep frying wok).


What is palappam?

The appams prepared in appachetty traditionally called Palappam prepared by adding pal (Milk) to loosen the batter. But, in recent times, appam generally means palappam.

Palappam is when coconut milk is used instead of water to grind the rice and yeast used for fermentation. And once the batter rises, nice wafer-like, basket-shaped hoppers are prepared with a thick, soft and fluffy inner core. Nowadays in restaurants and parties, these palappams, globally known as appams and curry has become a favourite cuisine.

Being a Malayalee I prepare appam using yeast or coconut water. But, my Tamilian friends use urad dal – one or two spoonfuls of urad dal, as a larger quantity of urad dal will mean dosa.

What is AAppam?

The appam that I had that day contained urad dal instead of yeast for fermentation. The chef was Tamilian, like my friends, therefore he called the hoppers as AAppam.

Difference between appam and aappam

The difference between appam and aappam differs in three aspects. While yeast ferment the appams, urad dal (black gram) ferments aappam. The texture and taste of both differ as the fermentation agents differ. And while the Malayalees call their rice-yeast hoopers as appam, the Tamilians call their rice-urad dal hoppers as aappam.

Isn’t so much differentiation enough to prove that appam is different from aappam? What do you say?

celebrity psychologist DR PM mathew passes away

Celebrity Psychologist Dr PM Mathew Vellore, passed away yesterday at the age of 87. He was suffering from age related ailments for the past few years. He was also an actor, writer, tv personality and cartoonist

Dr PM Mathew Vellore, worked as clinical psychologist, at Vellore Christian College, after earning a Doctorate in Psychology from Kerala University. He added Vellore in his name, as a rememberence of his working at Vellore.

Hailing from a small village Karipuzha, in Mavelikara, Dr Matthews carved a niche for himself in the field of Psychology and Sexology. Owing to his nstursl talents in writing skills, he could answer the complicated queries regarding marital and related issued.


His answers were blunt and to the point, be it in the question and answer section in the magzines, or the Psychology question hours on televisions. The first cosultant in Kerala to discuss sexology and marital isuses in open forum, he earned a place in the heart of the common public. Therefore he was the most sought after go to person for Psychological issues in Kerala.

After his stint at Vellore, he opened a Clinic in 1970 at his home in Thiruvananthapuram. At home became a popular psychological counselling centre. In addition to his flouring practice, he grew in stature as a writer and actor. He has written 20 book and columns in popular magazines were a run away success.

The movies he acted include Rathri Mazha, Nizhalkuthu and Ee Kanni Koodi. He tried his hands in Politics, by contesting in state election.

Dr mathews suffered from age related ailments for the last few years and passed away yesterday. He is survived by his wife Susy, and Children Dr Sojan, Dr Reba and Lola.

Life at an old Age home during covid-19

Studies show that life at an old age home, for those above 60 years of age are vulnerable to succumb to Coronavirus. It is not possible to visit old age homes because of the risk to the senior citizens during lockdown. We had visited an Old Age home 4 years ago, so we called the concerned person to know if we could visit the facility, as soon as the lockdown ends.

Thanks to Stanley Johnson, who runs Johns Day Care and Boarding for Senior Citizens in Delhi. We visited an Old age Home, four months after the lockdown began, to find the physical, mental and emotional state of the elderly during the pandemic.

He and the inmates agreed to film a day’s activities at the facility during the lockdown. Inmates at the home have Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson Disease or mentally unsound. No inmates had any severe health issues during the pandemic. Here is a peep into how the elderly remain healthy, happy and active during this lockdown days.


How do they Spend time during COVID?

They wake up a little late after having their bed tea. Those who can bath take a bath. Others we help. Most of them stay indoors, or they walk around. They watch television, read newspapers and interact with each other. Physical and mentally alert ones do exercises and small types of yogas in their rooms. Physical activities help them remain active. Once a week, there are recreational activities. They sing, they speak and mingle with one another.

What is done to protect them from the virus?

They had various briefing section about the pandemic, wearing masks and social distancing. All have to wear a mask. It is a must. Sometimes they complain. But we make them understand. They spit from the mouth. So we take the precaution since we do not know who can be the career.

For meals, there are separate sections in the dining room or room service. Nobody is allowed to go outside. Indoor, they are safe. But they maintain social distancing. Nobody sits close together anywhere. Even in the recreation room, they keep social distancing. Since the outbreak of the pandemic relatives and friends are banned from bringing food and delicacy.

How immunity is boosted?

In the Morning they get hot piping bed tea. Because taking warm water is essential again, along with breakfast, tea is provided. We tell them not to drink cold water. Enough amount of ORS (Oral rehydration solutions), made with salt, sugar, water and lime, prevents Dehydration.

Protein wise food is given to everyone. Fish, chicken or meats are not provided as some of them are vegetarians. Eggs are permitted. Some take egg daily and some on alternate days.

How are the Elderly with comorbidities taken care?

For those who take heart and BP medicines, we give timely food, medicine and exercises. Outside food or oily food are not allowed. Every medication is checked and given.

Do the elderly feel lonely because they cannot meet their loved ones?

There is not a question of isolation or loneliness. Our caretakers are there 24X7, so nobody feels lonely. They keep in touch with their relatives through their mobile phones. Once in a while, some of the relatives share videos over the phone.

They understand the situation, and we keep briefing the relatives about the situation. One 89-year-old gentleman is habitual of taking non-veg daily. His daughter sends over the food daily. We collect the parcel at the gate and deliver it to him.

What about COVID sanitization?

Every third or fourth day we have COVID sanitization. Disinfectanting the door, windows, knobs, exposed to the outer environment shields the home from the virus.

Their reaction to the pandemic?

They have a TV in their room. So they can understand the situation, and they keep discussing among themselves. Besides, we sit and talk to them daily about the situation outside.

Recent studies found the elderly resist the pandemic and Lockdown better than the youngster. The study proved to be true when we look at the lockdown lifestyle of the elderly of the old age home.

Tailormade Western Suits and Jeans in Delhi

Want some tailormade western suits and jeans, because readymades dont fit well? Then why not get one stitched here. These stitched jeans and formal suits looks as perfect as the readymade and that too at a price that will not burn a hole in the pocket. These shops in Mohan Place are the hot shopping spot for college students because they can get a perfect fitting Denim Jeans at less than 1000 Rupees.


These stitching shops mastering in tailormade Western formal suits and Jean have been functioning for over 40 years. There are over 100 shops in the entire building. We had come to visit the Coffee House on the fourth floor when we chanced upon these unique stitching shops.

tailormade western suits and jeans

The material for stitching the suits can be purchased from the shops itself. The stitching time is one to two days, and the price of the suit is around 5000 Rs. If you bring the suit material, then the stitching price is 3500. The tailors will be too happy if you get a picture of the suit design that you prefer. That will make their work easier.

tailormade western suits and jeans

They stitch formal shirts that look like readymade shirts.  The material for which is available at the shops. For those who prefer to get sewed all their clothes, these shops will make sure that your wardrobe is full of customised, stitched, clothes, right from jeans to western formal suits.

The material for the made to order jeans can be purchased from the shops itself and the stitching time is one to one and a half hours. So while you cool the heels for the stitched jean, refresh yourself with some hot coffee from the iconic Coffee House on the fourth floor.

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