food packets in delhi

The Food Samaritan of Delhi

Food packets in Delhi distributed on Republic day of India

On the afternoon of 26th January 2024, Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church Youth movement, Janakpuri,New Delhi, distributed food packets on Ansari Road in front of AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospitals. The Youth Members travelled 16 km after preparing and packing the food. Every day, 100s of people wait somewhere outside the hospital for Good Samaritans to come with their food packages. At least 500 people look forward to this kindness 365 days a year.

food packets in delhi

So, who are they?

They are the bystanders of the patients admitted at AIIMS, undisputedly the best hospital in the country, with specialised doctors providing unequaled medical treatment at low expenses.

Some of them are patients waiting for hospitalisation or Outpatient appointments. They travelled from various corners of the country with no other option but to wait until the treatment is over. Until the complete recovery of their loved ones, some of them continue staying near the hospital for months. But for one thing, at AIIMS, they are assured of quality treatment at an affordable price. Their compromise on comfort for a few months will ensure a happier, sickness-healed life for a long time.

food packets in delhi

The awaiting patients and bystanders are people from low incomes and lower-middle-class backgrounds. They might be beneficiaries of government health schemes covering hospitalisation expenses. But what about the food and stay of those that accompany them? Or the expense of the patients waiting for days to be hospitalised. There are no food canteens to support the poor patients. So, Organisations like the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church Youth Movement Janakpuri, NGO and good samaritans distribute food for them.

food packets in delhi


The food samaritans from Janakpuri

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church Youth Movement Janakpuri distributed food packets at various places for many years. It was 26th January, Republic Day and a holiday. So the youth, men, women and their kids dedicated the day to preparing food and distributing it to the patients and bystanders in front of AIIMS.

Beginning at eight in the morning, they cut the vegetables, cubed the paneer, cooked the tomatoes, blended them with green peas, and topped them with butter and fresh cream. Simultaneously cooking the rice and pouring in some ghee.

Finally, the food was packed with mattar paneer curry at the bottom, the rice on top,  pickle , and a disposable spoon. The food packets were taken to Ansari Road, which looked comparatively desolated as a holiday. When the car stops and the backdoor opens, they know the food packets are here, and a queue quickly forms. Within 15 minutes, all the food packets were over. One of the person after having the food said, “The rice and sabi was very tasty. It is republic day today. Jay Hind, Jay Bharath”.

Still, more people were waiting to receive the food packet.

Their eyes awaiting the next samaritan to provide them with food packets.

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