12 women-centric bollywood movies in 2024

12 women-centric Bollywood movies in 2024

On International Women’s day let us see some of the women centric movies of bollywood in 2024. Women play various roles in their real life as mother, daughter, lover, entrepreneur, employee and so on.

Here are 12 women-centric bollywood movies of 2024, some of them released and others that will release later in this year. 

Lady Officer on a Mission (Article 370)

Released in February 2024, ‘Article 370’, is a political drama depicting the abolition of Article 370 in Kashmir. The story revolves around a young officer, Zuni Haksar (Yami Gautam), who is selected for a secret mission by her boss, Rajeshwari Swaminathan (Priyamani). The objective is to address terrorism and economic inequality in Kashmir by repealing Article 370.

Mother-daughter relationship (Girls Will Be Girls)

Girls Will Be Girls is a 2024 youth drama set in a small Himalayan town in northern India. This is the story of Mira, a rebellious 16-year-old girl who becomes the head girl of a boarding school. Her life changes when her young mother joins the school’s faculty. The film explores the tender female relationship between a mother and a daughter. Shuchi Talati directs the film and stars Preeti Panigrahi, Kani Kusruti, and Jitin Gulati. 

Forced Marriage (The Diplomat)

‘The Diplomat’ a 2024 Hindi drama thriller directed by Shivam Nehru and written by Ritesh Shah stars John Abraham, an Indian diplomat living in Pakistan. The plot revolves around his efforts to repatriate an Indian girl from Sadia Khateeb, who was allegedly forced to marry a Pakistani man.

Freedom Fighter (Ae Watan Mere Watan)

Ae Watan Mere is a Hindi historical biographical drama based on the life of Usha Mehta, a brave girl who played a crucial role in India’s 1942 independence struggle. 

Surrogacy (Dukaan)

‘Dukaan’ to be released in theatres in 2024. Written and directed by Siddharth Singh and Garima Wahal, the film depicts the emotional journey of a surrogate mother named Jasmin. The cast includes Monica Panwar, Sikandar Kher, Soham Majumdar and Monali Thakur.

Rape Victim (Dashmi)

Dashmi, released on February 16, 2024, is a drama and thriller directed and written by Shantanu Ananth Tambe. Dashmi is an intelligent social commentary that sheds light on the sensitive topic of multiple rape.

Prime Minister (Emergency) 

An upcoming Hindi film, Emergency (2024), is based on the political events surrounding the Emergency period in India. It is a biographical historical drama film directed and produced by Kangana Ranaut, who also plays former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

Ghost (Mom’s Coming)

Mom’s Coming (2024): This is a new Hindi movie directed by Rishiking and starring Zoya Afros and Byom. Genres are drama, horror, and musical. It is the story of where the spirit of the mother comes to take away the daughter. But the other daugher dosent want the girl to taken away.

Patriarchy (One Last Time)

One Last Time (2024) a crime thriller directed by Mohinder Pratap Singh; stars Bororam Das, Amitosh Nagpal, and Bhoshir Sahani Singh. Actual events inspire this movie, and the story revolves around social injustice. The plot centres around a young woman named Mukti who ends her relationship after a bad experience. However, her obsessive ex-lover, Janardhan, refuses to take her no for an answer and lies in wait outside her house to harm her. The film deals with themes such as patriarchy, obsession, and the fight for justice.

Restrictive Marriage (The Rabbit House)

“The Rabbit House” is a touching story of a newlywed girl seeking freedom from a restrictive marriage with her OCD-affected partner. As we witness her silent struggle for her freedom, this story raises the question of where she will find her freedom, life or death. This story deftly navigates the complexities of relationships, mental health, and social expectations.

Social Activist (India’s First Best Trans Model Agency)

A documentary called “India’s First Best Trans Model Agency” follows the journey of Rudrani Chhetri, founder of Sahodari Saheliyan, India’s first transgender modeling agency.

Criminal (Kitty Kelly Ki Diwali)

Kitty Kelly Ki Diwali a Hindi film directed by Vivek Shah, revolves around Kitty, a seemingly innocent Indian girl who takes drastic measures to save Kelly, a white American woman who works as a backup dancer in Bollywood. Kelly is on the verge of her deportation, and Kitty hatches a plan to murder her bumbling landlady, Kanji. But things take a turn for the worse when Kitty commits not one but two murders in one night.


Bollywood is showcasing a variety of women-centric films in 2024, from hard-hitting social dramas to heartwarming stories. These women-centric bollywood movies celebrate women’s strength, resilience, and diverse experiences. From political leaders to artists and social activists, they depict women shaping their destinies and the world around them. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be entertained and inspired by these talented actresses and filmmakers!

Happy Women’s Day

2 thoughts on “12 women-centric Bollywood movies in 2024

  1. 🎬💪 Exciting to see Bollywood celebrating women with such diverse stories! From political dramas to heartwarming tales, these movies promise to showcase the strength and resilience of women in 2024. Can’t wait to watch! 🌟 #WomenEmpowerment #BollywoodMovies

  2. 🎬💪 Exciting lineup of women-centric Bollywood films in 2024! From political dramas to heartwarming stories, these movies celebrate the strength and resilience of women. Can’t wait to see them hit the screens! 🌟 #Bollywood #WomenPower

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