At 83, she is preparing for her next veterans athletics meetDaisy Victor n

When professional sportsmen hang their boot at 40, Daisy Victor began participating in athletic events when she was just few days shy of her 50th birthday.  In National and International Veterans athletics Meets so far she has won 377 medals from 104 meets. She won 46 golds from 22 internationals meets and 96 golds from 33 national events. She is an inspiration and a beacon for the fitness of the elderly.


WALKING SHOES:Walking shoes are essential:best-shoes-for-walkingWhether in sarees or salwar/kameez most of the walkers now walk in shoe. Though not fully convinced that there will be any visible change by buying walking shoes, I decided to go with the trend.
MEMORY BOOSTER:Walking boosts memory:memory-boosterToday I read an article in a Newspaper that the memory power of those who walk in park is 20% more than of those who walk on street lanes. Naturally, while walking in a green surrounding there is more intake of oxygen and that makes the brain-cells work better. So there are more benefits is walking in a park. Maybe this is the scientific explanation for the inspiration that writers get when they are in the midst of nature.
WALKING FRIEND:To lose weight, make friends with lean people:600x449xfriends-high-cliff.jpg.pagespeed.ic.PuelOzmd2GA scientific study says that if you want to lose weight make friendship with lean people. The attitude of my walking friends towards walking proves the finding to be true.


NO LEISURELY WALKS:Brisk walking is good for health:brisk-walkingThe first golden rule to maintain a healthy lifestyle – Brisk walk everyday. I have read many articles about the benefits of brisk walking, but I still don’t know how fast I should walk. Since articles were of no use I decided to follow the footsteps of the fittest person in the park. I discovered that, if the articles were confusing, the ingenious walking techniques of the walkers were even more confusing.

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WALKING ELDERLY:The fitness freak elderly:29mp_Nageswara_Rao_1192007gGoing to park in the morning is the most refreshing way to start a day. Parks are so common that every place in Delhi is within walking distance of one or two parks. There are parks in my colony, however I like to go the District Park which is situated in acres of land and the whole place is buzzing, in the morning, with fitness activities.
WALKING TRENDS:Walking Habit of Four Generation:WALKING GENUntil a decade back,when transportation was costly and very few owned a vehicle, we used to walk a lot in India. As the years go bye the daily walking hours keep decreasing. My family was enthusiastic of walking. I thought why not make a comparative study of the hours that grandfather, father, myself and now kids spend walking.

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