Few facts about Mosquito-borne Zika Virus in Indiazika virusThere is an alarming spread of the Zika virus in various parts of the world by the Aedes aegypti mosquito that is also the carrier of dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya viruses.  The outbreak which is spreading fast across the globe due to human alterations of their environments. Scientists and Ecologists state can empower disease-carrying organisms such as Aedes, and the viruses can eventually add on in various forms.

Lessons I learnt from my psychologist UnclepsychologyOn the world mental health day I would like to dedicate this post to a  Psychologist, about whom  I know more than I know about mental diseases and mental patients. The Doctor is my uncle, my grand uncle’s son. I call him ‘Appachan’.

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Fasting: A powerful therapy in healing chronic diseasesfastingFasting is not just a religious custom but the most ancient and cheapest form of treating diseases. Fasting Therapy is widely being accepted to drastically improve chronic and debilitating illness like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and diabetes. Fasting is the most ancient treatment, read on to find about the health and fitness facts……..

AYURVEDA:5 Reasons why Neymar should Opt Ayurveda for back injury treatmentEYnMw (1)‘Ayurveda treatment for Neymars back pain.’  Ever since Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, Neymar, met with that unfortunate injury, media is abuzz with news that he will go to kerala for traditional Ayurveda treatment. According to the newspapers this report is a rumour. It is not wonder that, in football frenzy Kerala, people went berserk when they heard their Football Icon has chosen kerala’s traditional medicine for his ultimate cure. However if Neymar opts for ayurveda treatment it will do wonders for his fitness & health.
ACUPRESSURE:Acupressure points for cervical and other disease diagnosefoot-acupressure-pointsAren’t there times when doctor says that the disease was diagnosed too late! You are confused! You have all the symptoms of some kind of disease, but do not know whether to consult a doctor or not. If the doctor diagnoses a disease then your money was spent right. On the other hand if the doctor says that the pain was just a feeling out of fear of falling ill, you feel silly! So here’s how to diagnose an ailment , with acupressure points, at home, before consulting a doctor! Read on to find more about fitness and health.
MAINSTREAM MEDICINE:Alternative ayurvedic treatment for Knee Replacementknee surgeryThere is a general perception among the public that ayurvedic treatments are for rejuvenation, or in simpler terms ‘to get refreshed’. However ayurvedic treatments heal a number of diseases. Many patients, who were rejected by the mainstream doctors, found successful recovery through ayurvedic treatments for diseases like cancer, skin diseases and knee replacement surgeries.  Here are some of the anecdotes about patients who came here as a last resort to escape undergoing knee replacement surgery; or to escape the huge financial expense incurred in the surgeries. Read on find more about health and fitness.

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HOME REMEDIES:8 Home Remedies for Fever and ColdChild-E2-80-99s-Cold-or-FeverEvery working parent lives with the nightmare of children falling sick. When the dreaded thing happens parents have to ensure that the fever doesn’t go high resulting in pneumonia, fit or other complications. Before  consulting a doctor, many preventive measures can be taken to ensure that the cold and fever doesn’t escalate. Health care can be taken at home. Home remedies for fever and cold are risk free and without side effects.
HEALTHY FOOD:12 Seasonal Fruits chart in DelhiFruitSeasonal fruits chart in Delhi keeps changing every month. There is atleast one fruit exclusive to a month in all the 12 month of a year. One thing that I love about Delhi is that garden fresh fruits are still available as we did two decades back. Because of the proximity and connectivity of Delhi, fruits fill the markets according to season. Apples from Kashmir, Plums and Apricots from Uttarakand, Mangoes from Tamil Nadu; by looking at the seasonal fruits chart, in the market, you can say which month of the year it is.

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