Lifestyle Today News Completes 10 years of Journey

Lifestyle Today News completes 10 years

Lifestyle Today News that completes 10 years started as a blog in 2013, which was named Lifestyle Today News on August 15th, 2024. The journey began with positive reviews from friends and support from blogging communities like Blogmint and Indiblogger.

They were blogging about food, health, science, market and current issues. People were willing to give interviews Like those from Santan Dharm Mandhir; they were tourists from the US—and 83-year-old marathon runners from Chennai.

Manish Rawat gave free access to photographs and edited a few videos. We visited the toilet museum, one of the weirdest museums in the world. Thus, it got the blessing of its founder, the legendary Bindeshwar Pathak.

lifestyle today news

Consumers India, Nukkad Natak at Habitat Centre, and Lead hazard research resulted in many lead hazard articles. Thereby, there was a gain in traffic to the site. Three apple recipes were well received when apples were cheaper than onions.

Many friends supported

Kids became chefs for a day.

Manu and Roshini were a great support from Scotland. Manu wrote one post. The post about S. Devender Singh Anand, who used to keep newspapers cutting to help the underprivileged, won a Youth ki Awaz sponsored award on Indibloggers. ‘The Food Stories of Saint Teresa of Calcutta’ goes backlink from the Washington Post.

I visited John’s Oldage home Twice. Interview painter and entrepreneur Poonam Bevli. Grady and Suja Long gave an online interview from the US. I interacted with Nadia Clarke, who travels the world in a wheelchair.

I interviewed Sajeev Sarathie and later collaborated with him on Mentza. Congenitally blind Swaminathan sir was always a motivator.

Interview with Dr Varghese Punnoose had enough content for four posts about ADHD.

Tripti Shetty is a transgender entrepreneur from Kerala.

Starting with the post about the Monsoon in Kerala on August 1st 2018, writing posts requesting help and reports made with information and pictures published by readers for a whole month.

And also, there were restaurant reviews. I interviewed two women fashion designer entrepreneurs on Women’s Day.

lifestyle today news
Journey continues for Lifestyle Today News

Some couples, like the Chocolatier and Terrace Garden specialists, were also interviewed. Sanitha Jubin wrote an excellent post about engaging kids during lockdown.

Many great personalities spared time for interviews

Dr Mathew Varghese took one whole Day to record a Question and Answer video during lockdown to spread coronavirus awareness. Also, three nurses were interviewed for their exceptional qualities. And Loraine, the sustainability influencer, readily gave pictures for the post.

3-year-old Jeremiah found his way into the India Book of Records. Making products from milk cover, Leelamma Mathew is famous now.

Arun and Friends gave travel goals for mountain trips to Kashmir and Kinnaur. Anju was one of the finalists at the Mrs UAE contest.

Dayabai spared 20 minutes of her valuable time for the interview on the podcast. There were many other exciting podcasts on Mentza.

Dr Jayashree Gupta enlightened consumers. Thanks to Dr Aji Varghese and Neena for discussing fever seizures in infants.

Thanks to Narayan and Danyana Solanke for allowing me to learn more about climate change. In the latest attended the Times Fashion Show.

There were many more highlights in this decade.

And so the journey continues in 2024. Stay connected for exciting posts.


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