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Festive season on the ramp at times fashion week

Times Fashion Week Golden Glitter

On Saturday Oct 21, I watched a Fashion show live for the first time ever. The event was the Delhi Times Fashion Week showing the works of Kingshuk Badhuri, Kanika Sehgal, and the IWP Academy. An hour-long show consisted of Indo-western, ethnic, traditional  and festive wear.

Fashion Designers and their collections

To begin with, Kingshuk Badhuri, an outstanding fashion designer showcased a festive metallic gold collection of dhotis, kurtas and gowns. Glittering gold set the tone of the event. There were both western and traditional wears, with the indian dresses combined with  dark coloured embroidered shawls. The haute couter look of the collection was a class in itself. Born in a small town in UP, the designer has been back to back doing fashion shows and is a name to reckon with. He is also a designer for Bollywood celebrities. 

times fashion week

Overall the show dazzled in gold. Indianess effused in the Kingshuk show because of the ethnic attire and classical Indian background music to which the models matched their walk. 

The second ramp walk exhibited a collection of western wear including jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses by Atiya. The sober coloured garment could be as much of a party wear, as can be worn in offices and colleges. 

The third section transcended from the golden to bright fluorescent monochrome gowns, bodycon dresses, traditional and dhoti sarees. The bright colors of violet, black, peach, costumes in delicate and vibrant designs were the work of the IWP academy. The collection included simple draped sarees to flowy gowns. 

Finally the event came to a close with designer Kanika Sehgal showing a collection of sarees and designer blouses. Certainly, the Stylish draping of the saree can set the trend for the festive season for the youngsters. The show stopper Mansi was draped in a silvery-white Saree. 

On the whole, the times fashion week show was a comprehensive experience, giving an insight into the fashion trends that will rule in this festive season. In addition, I got a chance of close interaction with the models and fashion designers.

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