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12 Seasonal Fruits chart in Delhi

Seasonal fruits chart in Delhi keeps changing every month. There is at least one fruit exclusive to a month in all the 12 months of a year. One thing that I love about Delhi is that garden fresh fruits are still available as we did two decades back. Because of the proximity and connectivity of Delhi, fruits fill the markets according to the season. Apples from Kashmir, Plums and Apricots from Uttarakhand, Mangoes from Tamil Nadu; by looking at the seasonal fruits available in the market, you can say which month of the year it is. Read the post to know 8 home remedies for cold and fever.

It is said that to gain immunity in the extreme climatic condition, one should follow seasonal fruits chart in Delhi. Every fruit has nutritional values that are essential for a particular season.You have the juiciest and sweetest mangoes in May/June Months, in July when it rains the mangoes get infected. According to Delhiites if you have Guavas in November and Bananas in the winter season they provide immunity to the body from the severe winters.

Mentioned below is the seasonal fruits chart that provides immunity from the seasonal changes:


Commonly known as Nashpati, this fruit is available in plenty in the month of October. Small, crispy and juicy this fruit is kids’ favourite.


There are a tremendous variety of mangoes, a few of them are commonly liked by the consumers. The cost and the taste are the two factors that matter while buying mangoes. Different varieties of mangoes enter the market as the summer begins. Mangoes have got nutritional values but they should be had in limits. In July as soon as the monsoon sets in people stop buying mangoes, as they say, the fruit will be infested with worms.


Lychees are visible in the market only in the month of May. These juicy and sweet fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C.


Watermelons are available throughout the summer. The biggest challenge, while buying watermelons is to ensure that the red edible portion is sweet and juicy. Watermelons are the best product for resisting summer heat.


Huge, sweet and soft Guavas appear on the market in the month of November. Guavas have got medicinal value. We can boost immunity by having guavas in winter.
Banana’s are available throughout the year, they taste and look best in January.  Delhiites says that bananas are good for the winters as it helps to control blood pressure during the season.
Indian Blackberry
They can be seen in plenty for one or two months in summer. Buying the fruit at costly rates sounds irrational since in our childhood we used to just gather the jamuns (as it is called in Hindi) that fall under the tree. Jamuns are highly nutritious and they are especially good for Diabetic patients.

Sugar Cane

Since we require more water intake in summer, Sugar cane is a natural energy drink with the right amount of sugar content and traces of nutrients. The natural enzymes and nutrients, in the freshly pressed sugarcane juice, are easily absorbed by the body. A lot of stalls come up in summer that provides freshly extracted sugarcane juice.


The nutritional value of the fruit is so high that you better buy the fruit and forget about the price. Pomegranates can be had as such or they can be juiced along with other juicy, watery fruits.


The round, brown fruits is an essential ingredient for the mixed fruit juice recipe. Sapodilla is plentifully available in the April/May months. They are a good source of antioxidant vitamins and minerals that are crucial for optimal health.


An ancient fruit of India, Bhel fruit pulp is the best solution for summer ailments. Bhel juice is good in preventing sun strokes, dysentery and diarrhoea which are common in summer.


When you think of the Delhi winter’s the first image that comes to mind is of the red, green and yellow apples arranged in rows in the fruit market. Prices also reach the rock bottom during the peak season. Some Delhiites say that at Rs 40/Kg a poor man can have apples rather than onions for Rs 60/Kg. As you know ‘An apple a day keeps the Doctor away‘.
Delhiites are lucky that even as the city is fast growing as a modern city, we can still enjoy the fruits directly from nature’s fruit basket. My friends abroad sometimes say that they cannot make out which are the seasonal fruits as all fruits are available throughout the year.

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12 Seasonal Fruits chart in Delhi