Daya bai
Malayalam Podcast

An interview with Social Activist Daya Bai

Dayabai narrated how the tribals have a close relation with earth. She tells how the tribals call the Earth as ‘Dharti Ma’ (Mother Earth) and how they did a play Dharti Ma ko Bhukar Hai (Mother Earth is Sick). In the play the mother earth is sick and a local medic is called to heal her.

She also tells how we can led a green life and also talks about here future projects.

Ancy Abraham
Blogger, Nature Lover and Cooking Enthusiast. Worked as a Magazine Assistant Editor for a Consumer Magazine. Presently writing about lifestyle topics related to health, food, shopping, fashion and people for Lifestyle Today News for the past 6 years. Also, volunteering as UN Volunteer as Project Manager for Weekly World Climate Change News. Passionate about Climate Change activities, from different parts of the world Nominated to attend COP26 in Glasgow as Observer.

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