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A friend told me that one of our classmates has praying powers. Five years back, I came in contact on social media with this praying classmate. After one or two conversations he asked me, why don’t you blog and generate income.

I knew very little about blogging. And I did not know that this activity could generate income. Since the suggestion came from a praying man I started thinking about it.

After a few months, I met with a road accident which changed my life forever. Outwardly everything was fine, but slowly I got excruciating joint pain. After much treatment, an ayurvedic doctor recommended for an ayurvedic massage treatment. I delayed getting the treatment by one year, and that worsened the problem.

When my health started getting out of control I started blogging. I realized the importance of walking and exercise. I realized that if you take your health for granted, one day the situation will get out of hand.

I started blogging after the beautiful morning walks. About the benefits of fitness, walking and a healthy lifestyle. Blogging was a stressbuster. After an eight-hour job and household chores, I felt much relaxed when I published each blog.

Initially, I was reluctant to share the blog on social media. But when I shared the posts I got encouragement from family, friends and colleagues.

So I started blogging about topics that interest them; and topics that give them new information. And so when I had to name the website, I called it ‘lifestyle’, because the website deals with various aspects of lifestyle – health, food, fashion, education, family, and so on.

Now the website is three years old and going strong. There are some rules for a website to get good ranking and traffic:

  • The name of the website should be unique.
  • The website should focus on a specific category.
  • Every article should be at least 1500 words.

All these rules are not followed on this website. Lifestyle today news name is a general name. And the blogs are written on different categories like food, health, education, fashion and so on. And most articles are around 500 words.

I just cater to the demands, suggestions, interests and feedbacks of the readers.

I would like to thank a few for their support:
  • First of all God.
  • The prophet-friend, who came out of the blue to suggest that I start blogging.  And disappeared after that.
  • My parents (my angel investors). They are clueless about the internet and social media. But they are sure that whatever their child does is right.
  • My entrepreneur husband. It took me years to convince him that, at the break of dawn, newspapers don’t fall on the doorsteps like mangoes from the mango tree. There is a whole lot of people working to print the content of the newspaper. Now his new predicament is my latest passion for blogging. All he wants to know is if it generates any income.
  • And a bunch of friends, relatives, colleagues and wellwishers. Most of them became active on Facebook only to help me. Some of them think that if they click the Like button, money gets deposited in my account. I love their sincerity. Most of them say that they get information on this website which they cannot get anywhere else. Love you guys for your encouragement and feedbacks.
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Lifestyle Today News is popular for bringing Lifestyle Stories that were previously unknown to the readers. Some of the inspiring lifestyle articles can be found only here. Day in and day out research is done to give the readers well-researched inspiring News of Lifestyle Today- Health, Food, Fashion, Trends, Education, Home & People.

If you feel there is some topic that needs to be written about. Feel free to contact  at lifestyletodaynews@gmail.com.

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