How to do Jala Neti

Watch how to do Jala Neti

Jala Neti is a morning yoga routine to keep diseases away. ‘Jala’ means ‘water’ and ‘neti’ mean ‘to guide’, so ‘jal neti’ means to guide the water through the nasal passage. The daily routine helps in maintaining nasal hygiene, just like we brush for dental hygiene.

How to do Jala Neti

Make sure that you breathe through the mouth during the routine.

Firstly, warm some water with a pinch of salt, enough to fill three-fourth of the jala neti pot. The salinity and warmth of the water should be that of tear drops.

Bent a little to the left side, tilt the head to the left and slowly pour half of the water through the right nostril. The water will come out of the left nostril. Wipe the water with a towel.

Repeat the process with the left nostril. Bend slightly to the right and tile the head to the right. Pour the remaining saline water through the left nostril. Wipe with a towel. Forcefully blow air from both nostrils, so that all the water in the nasal route comes out.

Practice the process regularly to maintain nasal hygiene and to ward off diseases.

The process can be easily done with the pot. However, experts take the saline water in the cup of their palm and perfome nasal cleansing routine. The bare palm technique is also easy to learn.

Many who do the yoga process regularly say that their sinus problem has reduced. The technique is said to be good to mitigate asthma also. This nasal cleaning technique is said to clean the bacteria in the nostrils. Bacterias and the dirt that would otherwise end up in the throat causing fever and other diseases will be removed by following the technique regularly.

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