Strawberry Picking in Delhi

Strawberry Picking opened to public, first time in Delhi

Strawberry picking, Now in Delhi

When you see friends, relatives, and vloggers abroad go apple, orange and strawberry picking, do you think, “I wish we could do something like this in Delhi?”. Well, then, wishes are granted. Here is a farm offering strawberry picking in Delhi. The Farm in Chattarpur is just an hour’s journey from wherever you stay in Delhi. 

Spending time with family and children

Fruit picking is common in Western countries. In India, it is gaining popularity in places like Bangalore and Kashmir. In addition to hand-picking organic fruits and vegetables in Delhi at Saraf Farm, the 3-hour activity helps one spend some time in a pollution-less environment. Children explore nature and connect with the season. It is a time to de-stress and relax from the hectic lifestyle.

Saraf Farm opened strawberry picking to the public in 2022, and it soon became a must-go destination in Delhi. Infants, school and college students all visit the farm mostly on weekends. To reach the place and pick the sun-ripened strawberries, tickets must be booked in advance. And before venturing, ensure that the weather is favourable. 

Firstly, buy the tickets online. Rs 899 for a strawberry picking pass and 499 for a non-picking pass. Picking times are in the morning, 10 am to 1 pm, or 2 to 5 pm. Tickets are available from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Trees cover both sides of the road leading to Saraf farm. So the environment is less polluted and covered in greenery. Once you reach the farm, there is enough space to park the car inside. When you enter, you are provided a strawberry leaf tea infused with herbs. 

A Sunny day to explore nature

Though the weather was predicted to be severely cold that day, there was enough sunlight and no cold wind blowing. So we could enjoy a sunny day, plucking sun-ripened strawberries.

There are several farmhouse benches and tables set in the backdrop of the Farmhouse on one side, and in the front is the large expanse of strawberry cultivation. A porch swing on which to rest, sipping the strawberry tea and gazing at the luscious red strawberry cultivation.

An opportunity to connect children with season and nature

It was a weekday in the morning, so there was just one more family for strawberry picking. Two-and-half-year-old Karan with his parents. Karan eagerly picked the strawberries.

The strawberry picking process

We booked one strawberry picking and one non-picking pass, so we got one basket with a little box that holds 200 gms strawberries. Because the joy of strawberry picking is filling the basket with luscious berries. If we pick more than 200g, payment must be made for the extra weight. 

A staff  is sent with every picker. He gives instructions on how to pick the strawberry. At first, choosing the ripe fruit looked complicated, but you soon become an expert. There is no need to use scissors or nails. Keep the cap of the strawberry and just pinch off the stem. There is specific instruction on the whiteboard at the reception saying the fruits need to be washed before eating. So wash all the strawberries. You can’t just eat one strawberry. It is just impossible.

On weekends, there is a good crowd of schoolchildren and University students. People come with family and friends. Jogender Kumar Saraf, the plot owner, says that for little children, plucking the strawberries gives them considerable achievement. They ask him to pack their fruit of labour with their names labelled on the box. 

Other organic fruits and vegetables at the farm

40% of the 1.5-hectare Farm is planted with strawberries. Other vegetables include red cabbage, Kale, lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, black carrots, cherry tomatoes, various types of radishes, papayas, etc. You can gather the organically farmed produce, weigh it at the counter and pay Rs 300 for every 1 Kg. Roses, strawberries, and other potted plants are also up for sale.

Sequence 13 – sending the pict of the couple on whatsapp

Jogender Saraf credits his son and daughter-in-law, Prakash and Pooja Saraf, for the success of the strawberry cultivation concept. “We started planting during the COVID as a passion, and then friends and relatives visited. Then, when we saw the success, we opened it to the public,” says Prakash Saraf. First opened in November 2022, this is the second season of strawberry harvest that started in November 2023.

Three varieties of strawberry planted here

The planting of strawberry plants begins in September, with the first batch of ripened fruits ready to pick in November. Presently, they grow three varieties of strawberry – Sweet Sensation, Florida beauty and Winter Dawn. “The perfect time for strawberry picking is February when there will be plenty, ” said Jogender Saraf. The picking will continue until April, or if the fruits are over, there won’t be any picking after March. 

When I went to the farm, I wondered whether there would be strawberries for everyone to pick if a large crowd came. I realized that 200g is just the fruit of one plant, a drop in an ocean of strawberry plants in the Saraf Farm. And according to the owner, more strawberries will ripen in February. 

Challenges of organic farming of strawberries

Since the cultivation is organic, the harvest is 1/4th of that produced on farms that use chemicals. fertiliser used are Compost made of sheep and cow manure, and neem. Strawberries need nutrients like phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. This herbaceous plant needs less water, cool nights and sunny daytime. No wonder the farm fresh strawberries are brighter and shinier in colour and tastier than those available in the market.

There are many challenges in growing strawberries. When you enter the Farm, two staff can be seen banging tins to scare the birds, which fearlessly dive and sometimes successfully peck on the strawberries. Monkeys are another menace. The scarecrow doesn’t dissuade them. They will push the scarecrow to ensure that it is not human. The staff carry slingshots to scare the monkeys. They say the monkeys are unperturbed by scarecrows holding slingshots. 

Strawberry flavoured food

It is said that when pollution is less, you feel more hungry. We felt hungry very soon. A small food outlet makes pizzas, shakes and other items as per order using farm produce. We had a Strawberry Shake and Smoothie, which were tasty and refreshing. 

Activities at the farm

Pooja Saraf conducts painting classes and other activities at the Farm.


 “People should not fly out of Delhi for fruit picking,” says Prakash Saraf. When asked what activities they are planning so that people do not fly out of Delhi from April for Fruit Picking, he said, “From April to July, there will be Sunflower picking at the farm”.

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  1. Thank you for covering our farm activities in such great detail. We are elated to read and excited about more people knowing about us. We love to see the smiles on our guests when they relish the juicy sweet flavourful strawberries that we grow lovingly on our farm.

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