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5 Reasons why Neymar should Opt Ayurveda for back injury treatment

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‘Ayurveda for Neymars back injury treatment.’ Ever since Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, Neymar, met with that unfortunate injury, media is abuzz with news that he will go to Kerala for traditional Ayurveda treatment. According to the newspapers, this report is a rumour. It is not surprising that in football frenzy Kerala, people went berserk when they heard their Football Icon has chosen Kerala’s traditional medicine for his ultimate cure. Read how knee replacement can be avoided by Ayurveda in this post.
Nowadays Keralites, from the world over, are resorting to Ayurveda for curing all kinds of diseases. They have benefited from the goodness of traditional Ayurveda.  They know that Neymar can return to the field with rejuvenation, and a stronger back, if he takes up Ayurveda back injury treatment. There are many reasons why Kerala Football Fans think Neymar will benefit from Ayurveda treatment. Here are some of the reasons:

Cannot Heal the fracture but agility can be attained

In many cases after a bone fracture is healed, the patient in not as agile as before. In such situation ayurvedic massage, internal medicines and rest restore the patient’s strength and energy.

Follows a strict regime

The food is strictly vegetarian and there are some do and don’t of the movement of the person. In most ayurvedic treatment you have to refrain from any physical activity until the treatment is over. For Neymar, the period of treatment may be a month or two. Since Ayurveda doctors do not guarantee complete recovery if their instructions are not followed thoroughly, the patient is forced to be obedient.

Gets much-required rest

Rest, and only complete rest, for a prescribed period will only make the back stronger. Unlike a bone fracture, a back injury seems harmless at first but gets worse over a period of time. So someone who is active and pursuing a ‘goal’ will overlook the pain and continue with the work. Neymar, who seems to be the ‘backbone of the Brazilian team’, needs to make his back stronger for remaining fit for the rest of his professional life and his entire lifetime.

No short cut to recovery

Whether one opts for homoeopathic, modern medicine or Ayurveda the patient will feel stronger in the course of the treatment and they will not complete the course of the treatment. There is no excuse for Ayurveda treatment, once the treatment has begun then the full course has to be completed. If the treatment is left in-between, then the course has to begin all over again. So the patient will not dare to stop the course of treatment prematurely because the doctor guarantees to heal only after the entire course is completed without any lag.

Holistic and comprehensive treatment

The oil massage therapies usually take only two to three hours of the day. The ayurvedic treatment works by adjusting the intercellular fluid in the body, lymph, organs to preserve their proper functioning. The rest of the day is utilised for yoga, physiotherapy, meditation and walking. In addition, the Ayurveda hospitals are surrounded by greenery and medicinal plants. Staying in such a surrounding for a month or two relaxes the mind and helps one take a break from the high-speed lifestyle of the cities.  To sum up, a month or two of Ayurveda treatment will heal, restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul of Neymar.

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