How to get funding to attend COP27?

I  got the nomination as Observer, hence I have to arrange the funding on my own to attend the conference. This post is written with the intention to get your suggestion on where to get the funding.

Application for funding to attend COP27

I sent requests for funding to corporate offices and to well known funding agencies. But nothing was fruitful. It is too late to apply for government funding as I got the nomination less than one month before. 

If I have to attend the conference, then some miracle should happen. Visa needs sanctioning in two days. Before which the tickets and accommodation should be booked tomorrow. Let us hope for the best.

Meanwhile I would like you to comment here on how an individual can get funding to attend COP. Volunteers  associated with Environment NGO, get nominated because of their dedication to the cause and hard work. But they do not have the financial backing.

There are many deserving individuals and communities that want their voices heard at the Conference. COP (Conference of the Parties) is the only occasion, once in a year, where the rich and the powerful attend the conference with the victims and the activists. This time of the year the world media focuses on the COP venue . 

It is very important that those whose voice deserved to be heard regarding Climate Change attend the conference. And someone must fund them. I searched the internet and funding is available for students and academics. There may be many like me who keep wondering, ‘which category we belong to’ and ‘whom to apply to get funding to attend the conference’. 

A person who attended COP26 (sponsored by his employers) said that one should try six months in advance to get the funding. 

This post will be useful for those planning to attend COP28 Dubai. When they google for “How to get funding to attend COP28” the comments in this post will give them an insight about the right people to approach for funding.


Three days for COP27 to begin in Sharm-el Sheikh and I keep wondering how to get funding to attend COP27. I keep my fingers crossed hoping that within a few hour someone gives instant funds for my travel and accommodation at Sharm el Sheikh. Please share your suggestions in the comment box on possible option for getting funding to attend COP.

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