fly to space like Richard Branson

Win Two Seats to Fly to Space Like Richard Branson

Do you wish to fly to space like Richard Branson? Here is the opportunity. 

After returning from his first space flight Richard Branson announced “Today Virgin galactic is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with amaze to open space for everyone.”  Anyone in the world can participate in a sweepstake to win a chance to book a seat in one of the first spaceflights. 

How to fly to space like Richard Branson

Entering the sweepstakes is absolutely free. Therefore, if you wish to go to space in one of the first spaceflight of Virgin Galactic then, “go to to enter and you have a chance to go to space.” 

However, there is an option to make a donation to support charity for space travel, with the donation amount ranging from $5 to $100. “And every donation supports a charity space for humanity.”

By entering the sweepstakes, you will win a chance to win 2 tickets on the space flight. You can win one ticket for yourself, and one for the person you choose to accompany you on the trip. 

Branson travelled onboard his Virgin Galactic Unity 22, rocket plane, on July 11th, 2021. The British billionaire flew at the edge of space in a mission that lasted for around one hour. After safely returning from a mission, he began 17 years ago, he said that he had “the most extraordinary experience”.

On the other hand, there is criticism that Branson did not reach, Karman line, the accepted boundary of space. While the Karman line is 100 Km, the United States defines the space line at 80m. Branson’s flight had crossed 86 km.

While the controversies will exist, this spaceflight marked the dawn, of a new industry, in the minds of common man. Reserving a seat in a spaceflight is no more like asking for the moon.

There are a few benefits for you and your fellow traveler in you win the sweepstakes:

Become part of the history creating a first in spaceflight

Experience weightlessness and get a view of the earth from higher that what you could imagine

Participate with Branson in a tour of the Spaceport of America

You will be taken to the Spaceport of New Mexico

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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