A monk who never saw a woman

A Greek monk, Mihailo Tolotos,  who lived upto the age of 82, never met a women in his life. Thay makes him the only monk on Earth, Monk who never saw a woman, though he not blind. Few days after Mihalio’s berth, his mother died. Hence the baby whisked off to the Monastery in Mount Athos – completely isolated from females.

Monk who never saw a woman

The tradition of the Monastery goes back to the beginning of the retreat, nearly nine centuries, that restricts even female animals from entering the monastery premise. The monk, Mihailo Tolotos, died in 1938.

Although situated in Republic of Greece, the monastery functions not under the Greek Government . Members of 20 Greek monastries, founded on Mount Athos, control the Monks.

The peninsula, which rises 6,000 feet above the rocky promontory, probably the only place on earth where the female of any species, including homo sapiens, findts prohibition of entry.

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