essential makeup products for women

10 essential makeup products for women

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

― Coco Chanel (French fashion designer 1883-1971)

Owning essential makeup products for women is a necessity. Makeup gives you the confidence to bring out the best in you whether going to the office, party, vacationing or religious functions.

Makeup is an art that exhibits the individual’s creativity to create a beautiful impression of yourself in front of others. Just as you wear a dress for an occasion, you must also do makeup.

Natural and artificial light

Firstly, the makeup for the daylight is different from that for a night outing with all the lighting around. For instance, contouring, in order to define your face structure for a full-lit inside setting, can be avoided for outdoor activity. So even though you buy all the makeup products for women, use less or more according to your wish.

Colour palette

All the products mentioned below are essential for everyday makeup routine. And once you master the art of makeup, you can decide which ones to buy and which to avoid. Consider the makeup products for women as an investment to help you build an impression about yourself wherever you go. When you meet someone for the first time, inner beauty and educational qualifications will be evaluated later. But the first impression (your face and dressing) is the lasting impression.

Makeup consists of different levels of layering of creams and powders of various shades to conceal blemishes and accentuate attractive features. In a regular makeup routine, you begin with a moisturiser and end with the lipstick. However, before applying the makeup, there are different layers of preparation to prepare the skin.

Two Pre Makeup Steps

There are two essential things to do before you buy the makeup products. First, consult a beauty specialist to verify your skin tone and undertone. The skin tone you may know is dark, fair or neutral. However, undertones consist of warm, neutral and cool variations. Makeup products for women have various shades that complement your undertone.

The shade of the dresses that suits you depends on your undertone. So, spending time and money to know about your undertone will help you a long way. The colour palette will help you match dresses and makeup based on your colour tone.

Most of the makeup products are available in creams and powders. Depending on the climatic condition, skin type and the nature of the engagement, you can decide what to use. For instance, it is better to opt for powder-based makeup in a sweaty environment. As you use various layers of powders and creams for makeup, touching up with a powder-based product will be easier. Instead of using moisturiser as a pre-makeup step, you can use a cream-based primer and sunscreen cream.

Second is the skincare that you need to follow before the makeup. Facials and masks are routines that you must follow weekly. Besides regular beauty care, you must clean the face and exfoliate before makeup for better results. Apply a toner (rosewater is the best). Follow with a moisturiser. Instead of using moisturiser as a pre-makeup step, you can use a cream-based primer and sunscreen cream.

Most of the makeup products are available in creams and powders. Depending on the climatic condition, skin type and the nature of the engagement, you can decide what to use. For instance, it is better to opt for powder-based makeup in a sweaty environment. As you use various layers of powders and creams for makeup, touching up with a powder-based product will be easier.

Makeup products for women here is mentioned here as step-by-step guide for applying on the face.


When you go out into the sun, it is mandatory to use a Sunscreen because it protects against the sun’s harmful rays.


Facial primers and foundation form the base makeup. The primers provide the base for a foundation, covering the pores and giving a matte finish to the makeup. Primers also help for the makeup to last longer. Some prefer primer instead of foundation because they are lighter on the face. Also, primers give a no-makeup look.


A foundation on the face helps to give evenness, serves as a colour toner and covers all the flaws. Sometimes, it doubles as a moisturiser.


Use a concealer for colour correction to cover up the scars, acne, pigmentation and dark circles. You can use both foundation and concealer because they complement each other. Or you can use anyone as per your choice and convenience.

Compact Powder

A compact powder is the face powder that we should use instead of talcum powder. Compact powders from good brands are safe to use on the face. If you do not want to use a foundation on a typical day, then apply a primer or a BB cream, followed by a concealer and a compact powder.

Bronzers and Contours

While contours sculpt your face, giving it a dimension, a bronzer adds glow. Contouring is a must if you are going to a party or a function with heavy lighting and photography because your definition of the face reflects through the camera.

Highlighter and Blush

A blush, or rouge, is used to colour the cheek. In the olden days, a beauty kit contained a compact powder, kajal, eyebrow pencil, blusher, lipstick, eye shadow and a foundation cream. Now, the number of products has increased with more specifications that give a finer look to the overall appearance.
Highlighter, as the name suggests, accentuates your features like the cheekbones, increasing the glam factor and making you look younger. First, apply the bronzer, then the compact powder, followed by the highlighter.

Under eye Cream

The cream is applied under the Eye to hide the dark circles. And also to make the Eye look more lively.

Eye Shadow

A huge variety of eye shadow is available in powder and cream. Sometimes, in times of emergency, you can use lipsticks as an eye shadow. Also, apply an eye shadow on the cheekbone. Blend the eye shadows according to the dress and the skin’s undertone.

Mascara and Curler

First, curl the eyelashes before applying the mascara. Shaping the eye lash comes with a lot of practice. You can also use artificial eyelashes. A smoky look to the Eye is much in trend in this festive season.


Like mascara, eyeliner needs some practice to achieve perfection. You can highlight the upper eyelid slightly and spread it a bit with a brush. Similarly, if required, apply eyeliner under the lower eyelid.

Eyebrow pencil

The pencil now comes in trendy brown other than the traditional black. With the pencil, you can give wings to the Eye and shape the eyebrow. When you master the skill, fill the eyebrow with the Eye shadow. Shape the eyebrows in advance. Using an eyebrow and eyelash brush, adjust the eyebrows to enhance the beauty of the eyes. With an angle brush, make an arched brow that will add attraction to the eyes.

Lip Balm

Apply the lip balm soon after the foundation is applied so that by the time you apply lipstick, the lip is soft and supple.

Lip liner

If you want to give the lip a definite shape, use a lip liner.

Lip Stick

Lipstick is the last but the most essential makeup product. It is the one makeup that every woman owns. Tap the lip with a tissue, to remove excess balm, before applying the lipstick. Traditionally, women used talcum powder as foundation, kajal and lipstick. Yet they looked pretty. Because beauty is in the Eye of the beholder.

Things are different for today’s professional or socially active woman. You need to look presentable, even if you are a stay-at-home person. When guests visit you with full-fledged makeup and request a selfie, the camera should capture your beautiful features.

So always be camera-ready. Try all kinds of lipsticks in crayon, pencil, wax and liquid. Mix and match to find what suits your undertone. Burgundy, red, nude, brown, and black are trendy. For every colour, you can get your shades and undertone. Make sure that you buy your perfect blend.

Setting Spray/Powder

To finish the makeup, use the setting spray or powder to keep everything in place. Setting spray like the hair spray helps keep the makeup last for a long time. Setting spray is different from hair spray. Closed your eyes, hold your nose and spray all over the face. Commonly, powder makeup products for women are suitable for oily skin.

Makeup remover

Finally, before going to bed, make sure to remove the makeup. Several products are available for removing makeup – sprays, gels, towels and wipes. Set your skin free from the layers of powders and creams, so that it rejuvenates. With proper care, you can apply makeup daily and yet the facial skin will remain in perfect shape.

Makeup accessories

There are as many makeup accessories as there are makeup products for women. It would help to have a makeup palette to mix the various shades of makeup products. A beauty sponge is required to apply the different creams on the face. These beauty blenders (Sponge) are very effective. Instead, use cotton swabs also. You can also buy a few brushes for every makeup step and minute detailing.


In the primary days of learning makeup, you can buy most of the above products to make experimenting easier. Gradually, as you master the art, you can reduce the number of layering and accessories.
Makeup product for women is an exciting area of discussion. Every woman loves to do makeup and look more beautiful. And we are in a time when makeup has become a necessity, not a luxury. We must experiment with makeup products for women and accessories to decide how much makeup is required to get that effortless, no-makeup look.

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