Winter Wears in delhi

10 must-have winter wears in delhi

Winter is here and the warm winter wears in delhi are out of the wardrobe. In cities like Delhi, the temperature is unpredictable on a daily basis. Indeed the average temperature in Delhi can vary between 6.5 °C and 15 °C.

Winter wears in Delhi

If you reside in Delhi you must posess a few essential winter wears. There are a variety of winter wears and accessories available in the market.

A long time resident of Delhi will have a good collection of winter wear. The first years of shifting to Delhi needs investing in a basic collection of woolen clothes. For those who migrated to the city recently, there will be a limited collection of winter wears.

Just like you buy from a shop, you get the option of return, exchange and alteration for the products.



Since there are a variety of sweaters available in the market, choosing one sweater is difficult. Moreover the sweaters can be thick or thin depending on the knitting and the quality of the wool.

When the winter begins in November we do not want to wear the woolen clothes. However be Caution!! You can end up with serious ailments.

It should be noted that any knitted top is a sweater. Therefore sweater can be known by other names like pullover and jumper. Skirt and top are trending this winter.

Winter wear Cardigan in Delhi

Cardigans are sweaters which are open in the front, with buttons or without buttons. A light weight cardigan is an essential piece of winter wear in Delhi to keep warm when going out in winters. Price ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 10000.


The Coats seem heavy, sophisticated and unaffordable for common man. As the temperature hardly goes below 6 °C, Delhites wonder whether coats are required for Indian winters .

Howevern buy one coat because there can be unpredictable harsh winters. Buy anyone of the coat types – long sleeve coat, overcoat and trench coat.

When you travel in winter the woolen coat will give you wamth, comfort and elegance. Winter coats are available from the range of Rs 1500 upto 15000. Buy one coat and it can be a lifelong asset.

Buy winter coats at discount rates after the winter because the price will be too costly now. The fashion of coats do not change every season.


Meanwhile, DownJacket and Padded jackets are comfortable for travel and official wear. In addition, the fleece jacket looks elegant as a casual and an official wear.

Nehru jacket for men is a fashionable as well as a cosy winter wear. Winter wear Jackets are available from the range of Rs 300-25000.

Thermal for men and women

Everyone one in Delhi should have two pairs of thermal. These comfortahble thin layer of inner wears are invisible from outside yet provides the required warmth. You can used a number of summer clothes in winter also if you wear thermal.

After the cardigan is worn in mild winter, winter wear thermals are used, when temperature goes down, to keep oneself insulated from the piercing winter chills. These amazing warmers are great money savers.

If you have 2-3 pairs (thermal top and thermal bottom), you can survive a winter season without buying much of other winter wears.

Shawl & Stole

Shawls and stoles are mentioned together because both have got similar use. While shawls are used during severe winter, stoles are used during the biginning and end of the season. In addition they are used to cover the head.

Shawls are available in a variety of fabric that gives varied degree of thickness and warmth. However during mild winter a stole is wrapped like a shawl.

A stole is mostly used round the neck. Stoles are cheaper than shawls, at the same time they look glamorous and trendy.

H&M got winter white stoles. In fact they have winter white collection in almost all sections of winter wear.

So there are a variety of stoles that add glamour to any winter wear. Also these Shawls are available from the range of Rs 400-13,000; and stoles are available from Rs 250-4000.

Muffler & Scarf

The functions of all these loose cloths – muffler, scarf, stole and shawl interchange, depending of the fashion sense of the wearer. In the above picture the models wear th scarf around the neck, while some use it to cover the head.

So when you mix and match the winter attires, then all these wraps add to the fashion quotient.


A majority of us do not like wearing caps as we do not consider them glamorous. However we prefer to cover our head with a shawl or muffler.

Fashionistas wear different hats for diffferent occassions. This winter, let us make ourselves look trendy by wearing beanies.

A beanie is not only fashionable, it also protects the ears and heads from the cold breeze. Finally the Prices range from Rs 250-2500.


You should have atleast one gloves or mittens in your handbag. The gloves will protect you from freezing in the cold winter.

The big learning was that bare hands can make you shiver. And that gloves should not be used just as an official accessory, they can very much be an essential part of casual and party wears.


Indeed when parents insist on wearing socks in winter, youngsters do not understand the reason for the concern. But the truth is that your feet keeps warm with socks or stockings. Therefore wear at least a shoe-liner, from the beginning of winter. So the Prices range from Rs 100-2000.

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Picture Courtesy: Myntra & Christian Vierig/Getty Images

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