Cheer Up for participants at Rio Olympic 2016

When there is IPL there is whole lot of celebration in India. And during the Football World Cup, even if India is not represented, we watch the matches at midnight and follow the Stars with pride.

Now our Indian team is at RIO Olympic 2016. And today is the 10th day of the game and another few more days to go. How many of us woke up early in the morning to watch the opening ceremony? How many of us woke up in the midnight to watch Dipa Karmarkar?

When I talk to my fellow Indians, I understand that some of them do not know that India ever won an Olympic medal. Dear friends if you have not started watching  Olympics please do it today itself. We still got some more medal hopes and our watching and praying means a lot to our sportsmen out there. All of them have been dreaming of a medal and training for years to reach the Events.

This year four countries, as big as a small city in India won their first Olympic medal at RIO Olympic 2016 – Bahrain, Singapore, Puerto rico and Fiji.

It a sense of great patriotism and pride when the gold medallist’s country’s National Anthem is played and the flag is hoisted. Only Abhinav Bindra could do that honour for India in the last few years.

I have never missed a single Olympics from Seoul  in 1988. It is a matter of pride to see the 200 plus countries representing all the human race on planet earth. I used to sit with Malayala Manorama year book to locate the names of the countries and their details. We come to know about the existence of some countries only during Olympics.

You come to know of the new countries that are formed and the political divisions that happened when the delegates march in for the ceremony. This time, the most humanitarian act was when sportsmen from the refugee communities in the world were represented as Refugee Olympic Team under the Olympic Official Flag. The team got the maximum  ovation and whichever event they participated they got the maximum support from the audience. I think the Olympics committee should be given noble prize for this blissful act.

Some nations you remember only during the Olympic time, because of their exceptional talent or sportsman spirit exhibited during Olympics – Bulgaria, Roumania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Eritrea, etc.

Create an Olympic fever so that our champions out their are encouraged by our enthusiasm to see them come back with laurels. We remember ever details of football and cricket, but we forget how many Olympians won medal for us till now.

Olympic is not just about winning medal. It is not just for the participant. They represent our spirits at the game. It is a time for the nation to show their patriotic spirit and encourage our representative sportsmen to make our anthem be played at the podium.

Cheer our participants because they are  representing us at Olympics. Whatever they do at Olympics leaves an indelible impression on the world community for the next four year. What a moment it was for Singaporeans when Joseph Schooling stood on the podium and Singapore’s National Anthem was played. Now let us do our best to make our player reach the top of the podium and make us hear our National Anthem being sung.

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