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toilet device for Astronauts invented by a 9-year-old lifestyle today news snippets nov 6

9-year-old invents toilet device for Astronauts; Tourists made to return 80km to clean the litter; US and UK, biggest plastic waste producers; Actor Vijay distances from father’s Political Party…..

A toilet device for the Astronauts invented by a 9-year-old

How to answer the call of nature without removing the spacesuit is a challenge, so a nine year old invented a toilet device for the astronauts.  The Malaysian prodigy, Zyson Kang Zy Shun was participating in the Lunar Loo Challenge (Junior Category) by NASA where the youngster where asked to provide ideas for compact toilet for the astronauts during their Moon mission, Artemis in 2024. The device, devised by Kang fits comfortably inside the suit. With the help of a vacuum astronauts can relieve inside the suit. The device received approval from NASA.  Invention is not only useful for the astronauts but also for Medical profession to relieve while taking care of patients.

Tourists made to return 80km to clean the litter

The Coorg police could locate the litterers based on the age-old belief that a culprit will always leave behind a clue. Two young tourists travelling by car ate pizza and threw the box on the roadside while returning from Coorg. The police who earlier in the week helped the locals to clean and beautify the area found the purchase bill inside the pizza box with the number of one of the tourists. After relenting at first, they agreed to return to the area of litter and deposit the garbage where it belongs.


US and UK : biggest plastic waste producers

According to a Guarding report, a latest researchh says that the largest amount of plastic waste is produced by UK and US citizens. The Asian countries were considered the largest contributors to plastic waste pollution, and the US was placed at the 20th position. However, when the unaccounted waste in the country and plastic waste created by exports to other countries were counted, the tallies changes and they ship half of the recyclable plastics to other countries. “The US is 4% of the world’s population, yet it produces 17% of its plastic waste,” said Nick Mallos one of the study authors. 

Actor Vijay distances from father’s Political Party

Actor Vijay distanced himself from the political party formed by his father SA Chandrashekhar. One of the fans clubs of Vijay Makkallayakkam was registered as a political party by his father. However, as per the report, Vijay denied reports of his entry into politics and said: “I inform my fans and the public that there is no relation whatsoever between the political party that my father has started and me, directly or indirectly.”

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Google ‘Next American President’ and these are the images, lifestyle today news, nov 5.

Google ‘Next American President’ and these are the images; Joe Biden guarantees to rejoin Paris Agreement; Watch a Humpback topple a Kayake; Jupiter and Saturn coming closest to each other

Google ‘Next American President’ and these are the images

Gretchen Andrew an artist and an ex-Google employee put SEO good use and now when you Google ‘Next American President’, you see her artworks. The Los Angeles based artist cleverly utilized the SEO optimization techniques to showcase her next artwork series named “the next American President”. Andrew began her career at Google before becoming an artist, hence her art and technology background helped her pull out certain SEO tricks to drive traffic to her artwork. She created pages on websites like Quora, Twitter, Everbrite and Yelp with images that had addresses that show images of her artwork.

next american president

Joe Biden guarantees to rejoin Paris Agreement

When President Donald Trump did what he promised, which was to exit the Paris agreement, Joe Biden vows that he will rejoin the Paris Climate deal in exactly 77 days. Trump, a Climate Change denier declared in 2017, July, to exit the deal. The exit took so long because of the intricate rules put together in the Paris Agreement to handle a situation in case a US President decided to withdraw from the pact. In November 2016, the agreement came into effect and 189 countries joined the deal. The agreement intends to maintain the global temperature rise below 2C.

Watch a Humpback topple a Kayake

Two Kayakers experienced a scary experience when a Humpback Whale capsized their Kayak. Humpback Whales are common near to the shores of the Avila beach in California. Liz Cottriel and Julie McSorley were Kayaking on what was otherwise a peaceful morning with pools of fish including whales in the water. Suddenly the whale toppled the kayak and both the women submerged in the water and re-emerged after a while, unhurt. They paddled back to the shore in the Kayak that was almost in the mouth of the whale. Although McSorely lost her car keys in the incident, they certainly have a story to share of the Whale of a time experience in the sea.

After almost 400 years, Jupiter and Saturn coming closest to each other

Jupiter and Saturn will be coming close to each other, known as ‘the great conjecture’. They will be closer to one another than they were in 1623 which will occur on December 21 st. Even before December both planets will be seen close to each other, however, the great conjecture will happen on December 21st. And the next conjunction will happen only in 2080.

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