Hajj File Picture

Advice for Hajj during COVID-19 about Health And Security

International SOS, the medical and security services company, is providing advice on health preparations Health And Security Advice for Hajj Amidst Covid-19. This year, the Hajj begins between 17 July and 22 July. The pilgrims will start arriving on Saturday. The Ministry of Hajj announced that the 60,000 people permitted include residents of all nationalities

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Everyday is Environment Day for the next 10 years

Weekly newsletter of Lifestyletodaynews – Issue #1 Lifestyle Stories This Week As the earth is geting warmer fast, United Nations is working on ecological restoration. Environment volunteers, worldover, are involved in projects for protecting the existing ecological systems, restoring the vanished ones and creating new ecosystems. The efforts of the people of the world will

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Sustainable Aviation Fues

In a first, rescue helicopter flies on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

When the rescue helicopter flew on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), it was a breakthrough in international aviation. A German non-profit organization, ADAC Luftrettung, used Biofuel, a SAF, to refuel Airbus H145 rescue helicopter. Global Emission Report says that Aviation industry produces a large amount of Carbon Emission, especially the Passenger Aviation Sector. Why use H145

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