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As the earth is geting warmer fast, United Nations is working on ecological restoration. Environment volunteers, worldover, are involved in projects for protecting the existing ecological systems, restoring the vanished ones and creating new ecosystems. The efforts of the people of the world will help save the earth to mitigate carbon emission, pollution and climate change in a span of 10 years. There is little time left, we need to act fast to save our Planet! #GenerationRestoration.

5 Must read Eco-friendly lifestyle News this WEEK!

Ecosystem Restoration of Sacred Groves
Sacred Groves or kavus are an important part of the religious and cultural tradition of Kerala. Read on to find how restoring groves is integral for Ecological restoration. Read More
Sustainable Aviation Fues
Aviation industry contributes to 2.5% of global emission. A helicopter successfully flew on Sustainable Aviation fuel. Let us hope to fly emission-free one day. Read More..
Tree planting on Environment Day
In Al Ain, youth of the Indian Orthodox Church volunteered on June 5th by planting Moringas on environment day. The tree planting initiative was just the beginning, more plants will be planted in the coming months. Read More..
lead an eco-friendly lifestyle
Lorena is trying to lead a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle. Her efforts to stay cent-percent eco-friendly are extraordinary. Read to find how we can follow some of her eco-friendly lifestyle for a better planet.  Read More..
Solar Eclipse Today
By the way, our planet and the universe continue with their million-of-year-old activities. On June 10th the annual solar eclipse occured. The phenomenon was experienced in some places worldwide from partial to the complete viewing of the ring of fire. Read More..

Recipe of the Week

Try out this rich and creamy chicken recipe on the weekend. Cooking process is quick and easy, with ingredients easily available in the kitchen. NB: For more taste add more cashews, and if still not satisfied then add plenty of full cream.

Easy and Creamy White Chicken Curry

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