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Do you remember the Red Amaranth that were forzen 45 days ago. Now will prepare a Stir fry. See how to freeze green leaves when you have plenty of leaves and time. And stir fry when you have little time to cook.
For those who are not big fans of sweet breakfast recipes, here is a salty variation for the sweet jaggery kozhukattai. Easy and filling. You can definitely try this out on a holiday.
What if there is not Basmati Rice for Pulao, Can we prepare Pulao with Ponni Rice? Yes, very much. Here is a cost effecitve and a presentable lunch prepared in an hour, Ponni Rice Pulao with Chettinadu Chicken and Kerala style Biryani Salad.
How to freeze (store) leaves for later use if you get a large quantity? How long can the frozen leaves be used? Watch the video to find out.
Yard Long Bean is a favorite vegetable worldwide and can be grown in your back or front yard. Long bean can be cut, without a knife, by bare hands. The outcome is tasty and refreshing. Also known as the yardlong bean, long-podded cowpea, Chinese long bean, snake bean, or pea bean, it can be had raw or cooked.
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