Fantastico Humans

Fantastico humans with mission in life

When I first went to interview Devender Singh Anand, whom I call Uncle, for the article  Empowering the underprivileged with Newspaper Cuttings, he was clueless why I wanted to write about him.  All these years he approached the Media only to write for the cause he is so passionately involved – helping the underprivileged and the specially abled.

His son explained to him “Papa, she has to write about someone who is doing inspiring work, so she wants to write about you. You will become famous after she writes”.

When I came to know the blog mentioned above got a prize, I called Uncle to give him the great news. When he picked the phone I told him very excitedly “Uncle the article about you won a prize, now you and your work will get more attention and moreover you are inspiring the youth of the country.” (the contest was conducted by Indibloggers and Youth ki Awaaz).

Uncle’s reply was a long silence….followed by “Very good, now you try to write something about the obstacles that the underprivileged have to undergo to gain their rights”.  The new-found recognition did not give him any reason to rejoice. Except him, everyone around him was excited.

Fantastico Humans with a Mission are like this; their focus is only on their mission. All the accolades and the attention is important to them only if it will serve to strengthen further their mission. In this Nation of 1.25 million population, there may be hundreds of such Fantastico humans, who continue their mission without worrying about Awards and Rewards.

In the park that I go for morning walks, an elderly man daily comes and waters the plants. One day I requested him to allow me to take a picture of him to put on my facebook page ‘Elderly of Delhi’.  He curtly refused. His mission to water plants can inspire many, but he does not want to be in the public glare.

Every year awards are given to the best teachers in the country. I wonder if there are only a handful of teacher that need to be awarded each year. Every Student, whether academically successful or not, has, at least, one teacher who has inspired him in his life. A teacher goes out of the way to help bright students with extra books, free tuition, food and accommodation.

There is one Fantastico Human about whom I very much want to write a blog. She was detected with breast cancer fifteen years ago, and because of her sheer determination, and courage she is now leading a normal life. In those days, the internet was not so common, yet she managed to gather all information on how to win over cancer. She now inspires those suffering to fight and win over the dreaded disease. Whenever I hear that someone, especially young woman, has succumbed to the disease, I regret that I did not introduce this Fantastico Human to her.  I have requested her to share her incredible story on my blog, but silence is her answer. I hope she reads this post and shares her story. Maybe we can use a pseudo name if she doesn’t want to come in public glare.

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