A tour to Rudraprayag flood hit area

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Minutes after I switched off the television after watching disturbing pictures of a journalist reporting in shoulder-deep water, and people helplessly waiting for rescue and food, I got a call from a volunteer in Rudraprayag flood hit area –  one of the worst hit districts in the 2013 flood, that this district encounters a less grievous situation in the 2014 flood which drowned the Kashmir valley. In his on the spot report , the reporter who works for rehabilitation of 2013 flood victims, said that the roads for commuting are not flooded while you can see the traces of receding flood waters in long distant locations.

The reporter who traveled to Rudraprayag flood hit area a few months back said he drank the crystal clear waters of the Ganges during his last on the contrary now the furious Ganges flows with a mixture of mud she carries from the mountains far away–Since  the Dhabas and the Lodges on the roadsides of Rudraprayag flood hit area functions on full swing there is no scarcity of food, water or shelter.

However the long haul in commuting on the passable roads eroded by floods, good enough for one just one vehicle to pass through, left the reporter stuck on the road for over two hours.

Yet in the midst the destruction caused by the cloudburst, landslide and flash flood, the reporter can’t stop describing the beauty of the Mountains. He says ” the beauty of the Himalayan mountain dressed in the melting snow can neither be captured in a camera nor described in a few lines.



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