A Delhi Metro Snag Like Never Before!

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Delhi metro snag like this on has never happened before in the last five years. During the peak hours, today, Delhi metro was taking three times more time than the original. This was a huge loss for the long distance travelers . There was a student, going to attend an examination. She should have reached the examination center within an hour, however  after one and half hour she was still stuck inside the Delhi metro. Read what the Visitors from the West have to say about Indian food and Cleanliness. 

Never a Delhi metro snag like the one today! 

Most of the commuters got into Delhi metro before peak hours to avoid the rush – and, they got into trouble. There was one old lady who was travelling for the first time and she did not carry a mobile phone. Inside the metro she got separated from her ailing daughter-in-law. I hope she go down safely and met her daughter-in-law at the busiest of all Delhi metro stations ‘Rajiv Chowk’.
Working Mother’s faithful companion
The greatest beneficiaries during the peak hours are the working mothers. Juggling between home and office, they have a calculation on the time required to reach office by metro. The metros are costlier compared to taking a monthly pass for DTC Bus (Delhi Transportation Bus); the advantage is speed, punctuality and evasion of traffic congestion. There was a time when commuters used to identify Delhi metro by the time of arrival – the 9:00 AM Delhi metro; the 10:08 AM Delhi metro,……. That’s an old story, now snags of all kind overshadow the good works – once the signalling cable was stolen; another time the metro doors wouldn’t close,…..

Metro Trains changing the image of Delhi

One day a few foreign tourists were heard commenting inside a metro “Delhi metro services seem to very systematic!”. Delhi metro is the symbol of  a emerging, growing India. The only service that you can blindly trust to give proper customer service, value for money and customer satisfaction.  Delhi sustains on this growing network of metros connecting every nook and cranny of the capital, and the non capital regions.
Delhi metro has always overcome trying situation; they can work out a system of informing the regular commuters about the snags. For instance Delhi metro should identify regular commuters using feedback forms or by taking contact number while issuing cards. When there is a snag an SMS can be send!

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Ancy Abraham
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