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Palazzo pants for all occasions

Palazzo pants are loose pants that look more like a skirt. More often celebrities are spotted wearing palazzo pants paired with shirts, tank tops and jackets. And their style is enhanced with branded bags and matching stiletto. To know more tips about losing weight read this post. 

Palazzo pants are the latest trend  of this summer. Women wear palazzo pants to malls, shopping, parties and tourist destinations. The long flowing pants looks very elegant and attractive when worn on all occasions. And in winters you can use the chiffon palazzo pants.

Why wear a Palazzo pant?

Palazzo is the style of this summer season.  Palazzo is not just for celebrities. With a little modification to suit the lifestyle, palazzo pant can be worn to office, parties and markets.

Palazzo pant gives an edge, in style quotient, so that the one wearing a palazzo stands out in a crowded metro or in an public event. Palazzo pants are loose flowing so they are comfortable to be worn to work.

How to wear a Palazzo pant?

You can wear a palazzo pant which is foot length and team it with a high heeled shoe.  Palazzo pant can be paired with traditional Indian tops like kameez; or with short shirts and tank tops.

Palazzo pants in different hues and materials

Palazzo pants are now available in silk, crinky chifon, chiffon and cotton variety and they have been adapted for the everyday lifestyle of the common man. For girls and women who want to look smart in office, in parties, shopping or for an outing; any time and every where the Palazzo pant is comfortable and stylish.

There are a variety of palazzo pants available in the market in various colours and materials. Pair palazzo pants with an elegant top and look pretty and smart for office, party or an outing.

palazzo pantsCrinkle Chiffon Palazzo pants as Party wear

Wear a loose flowing crinkle chiffon palazzo pants party wear with a matching long Kameez and look stunning at parties.

palazzo pantsPrinted Palazzo Pants for casuals

A printed cotton palazzo pants is comfortable for casual wear paired with a short shirts. 

palazzo pantsSilk palazzo pants for evening wear

This silk outfit looks gorgeous for a social event like a birthday party or an anniversary. 

palazzo pantsMatching accessories for palazzo pants

A matching pair of ear rings, colourful necklace or a stylish hand bag will increase the style quotient.

palazzo pantsPalazzo pants official wear

Get ready for office looking stylish, trendy, official and smart.

palazzo pantsMothers in Palazzo pants

A modern mom who is trendy and gorgeous in palazzo. Make sure that the palazzo pant bottom does not drag on the floor. The palazzo pants look elegant with a flat heel shoe.

palazzo pantsPalazzo pants for formal wear

Wear the palazzo pants with the trendiest kameez in the market. The best look comes when the palazzo pants are worn in contrasting colours with the top.

palazzo pantsPalazzo pant with prints

A printed casual looking palazzo pants can be worn to college on a normal day. Pair it with a short kurta of contrasting colour. 

palazzo pantsPalazzo pant with a short top

Who said palazzo pants are only for celebrities. Wear a short top with palazzo pants, wear a bead necklace and get ready for office any day.

palazzo pantsPrinted palazzo pants

Printed palazzo pants look elegant on college girls. Where ever you go you get noticed for the style and elegance.

Fluid Fashion – Comfy cum stylish garment for modern women

Remember Kangana Ranaut and her LIVA, natural fluid fashion adverts that filled the national newspapers a few weeks back. Natural fluid fashion has come of age and is going to be the raging trend of the coming years. I can say this with confidence because celebrity fashion designer Anita Dongre designed summer collection for her brand Global Desi with Natural Fluid Fabric. And, whatever prints and designs Anita Dongre introduces every season is copied and recopied until the trend is adapted by every household in India.

It is said that we wear fashionable garments to impress others though we many feel uncomfortable in our outfit.  Fluid fabric being light weight and unfussy, makes the modern professional woman look elegant and fresh even after a grueling day of work and commuting. With bright colours and chic patterns Anita Dongre used the fluidity of the fabric to design outfits in her popular styles – traditional, boho chic, contemporary, classic, western, to stylish saris. The loose flowing fabric shaped into churidhars, western wears, maxi dresses, tunics, crop tops, high waist skier and T-shirt dresses are the right choice for the summer and fall.

fluid fashion 1The fluid fabric is launched by the Aditya Birla Group under the brand name LIVA. The fluid fabric is manufactured by extracting cellulosic fibres from woods from trees specially grown for this purpose. The fibre is said to be “natural and biodegradable, crafted from the choicest wood pulp”.

This summer when I visited Anita Dongre showroom to see the latest collection, the LIVA fabric outfits simply looked outstanding and attractive. With their free-flowing silhouettes and breathable drapes, fluid fabrics can be designed for regular or party wears. Be it a working day or a day out for a get-together, in our Indian culture we love to be draped in a Sari or wear colourful churidhars. But thinking about the discomofort and the work hassle that the outfit will cause we compromise. Either we wear a comfortable outfit and look plain, or we wear a fashionable wear and remain conscious the whole day about the dress, which will affect our productivity. This is were the new fluid fabric brings the balance, you can move about effortlessly and confidently in your favourite style of dressing.

fluid fashion 2

Fluid fashion is about looking and feeling good everyday, with the added satisfaction that we are not exploiting nature. Trees can be replanted which means the latest fashion trend is eco-friendly.

Natural Fluid Fabric is being rampantly used by leading designers to created their latest collections. Fluid fashion outfits are being sold by many renowned brands. Celebrities are finding the fabric a welcome change from the regular fabric that are welcome change from the boxy silhouettes or tight dresses.

The winter/fall collection are now in the market and there are yet more new styles and combination of the fluid fashion. The fashion Designers are planning to bring in more designs using the fluid fabric. I feel very Natural Fluid Fashion is getting trendier and very soon the wardrobe of every fashion conscious woman India will have fluid fashion outfits.

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Buying House In City Has Many Benefits

buying house

An office boy whose parents had bought a small room in the slum, two decades back, now introduces himself as a proud owner of a property in the city.  His boss, who came from a well to do family in a village, never thought it necessary to buying house in the city– buying house in the city was at the bottom of his priority list.  Until a decade back a person gained respect for his compelling profile; for his hefty package and his team leadership. Read about the housemaids in Cities in this post.

Now the story is different. The first question to an new apointee is whether he/she lives in ‘own house’ or in ‘rented house’. If the person forgot buying house in the City then that person is in the list of the have-nots. No matter how much rent one pays or how palatial the residence, as long as the person has not “invested in a house” and “secured the future” that person is a failure. On the other hand if the person was wise enough for buying house somewhere in the city then they belong to the land-owning well settled class. This year’s budget is kind of a redeemer for home loan borrowers. It’s a bonanza for those who thought about buying house at a later period in their life. And now Lo and Behold! The property price has sky rocketed may be 100 times more!………..Not exaggerating! It is the truth! In one residential area some people bought plots for Rs 2 lakh, forty years back. They built single storeyed houses for Rs 5 lakh, and gradually increased the number of floors to 3. As of now the cost of each floor is more than Rs 1 crore. So the aggregate price of the property has increased 100-200%.

Apart from the mathematics, property price rise has brought about changes in the social status of an individual. If you belong to the property owning class (through inheritance or by well-planned investment in property done a decade back) then you are lucky to be part of the class of the haves. If you forgot to catch the investment train, until now, the budget has brought some hope for the have-nots to enter the class of the haves. Given below is some of the reasons why buying house improves lifestyle in many ways:

A Basic Necessity is taken care
By buying house one of the three basic necessities of life, makan (shelter), is taken care.  Now one has to worry only about roti (food) and kapada (clothe).

You get a good alliance

Nowadays one of the basic requirements to get married is to have a house of one’s own. Parent’s of girls like to get their daughters married to a boy who is the only son of his parents. The girls traditionally do not inherit the house in India. Parent’s of boys search for a girl who has only sisters as siblings which means the girl will surely inherit a share of the property. In olden days if ABC of marriage meant Age, beauty and Character; now it means Apartment, Beauty and Character. There are incidences where boys get good alliance only because they own a house. High package salary, with no house, means he will end up paying the rent, but by buying house then all the earned money can be “invested for the future”.

buying house
“who is traumatized more – the house owner or the tenant!”

You don’t need to be at the mercy of the house owner

A dilemma, as quizzical to solve as the ‘which came first…’ question, is to find answer for the question “who is traumatized more – the house owner or the tenant!” A troublesome tenant, who does not pay the rent or does not vacate the house when requested, is every house owner’s nightmare. And a house owner, who does not supply water and electricity properly and rules over the tenant like a hostel matron, is every tenants nightmare. Finding the right tenant and the right kind of house is more difficult than fixing a marriage alliance. And adjusting with landowner and neighbours is more difficult than adjusting in a joint family with the in-laws.

It’s an investment

By buying house you get a roof over your head; and you make an investment for the future. At least you can rest assured that you have a place to live without depending on others. As the property owning elderly population proudly testify “as long as you own a property you will have your kids respond to your beck and call”.
A can be social change

A common situation in families nowadays is that the son and family stay with parents. Fearing that daughters will demand a share in the father’s property the girls are kept away from frequent visits to their parent’s home. A kind of cold war prevails in the family and in some cases the daughters fight for a share in parent’s property.  A home is measured in terms of money and so home fails to remain a home anymore. If more people are buying house in cities then families will no longer be torn in the name of property.

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Delhi hypermarket Vs. Consumers

Delhi hypermarket
Delhi hypermarket segment is growing day by day. The opening of internationally renowned Spar hypermarket was an indication that  Delhi city was at par with other fast growing modern cities like Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. On visiting Dubai I saw how Retail Hypermarkets are the lifeline of the city. My friends spend their weekends at the Lulu hypermarket buying everything from the grocery to the electronic appliances. Finally, they  have food from the food courts. Using the Dubai hypermarket shopping experience as the yardstick, I tried to find out why  Delhi Hypermarket is a luxury and not a necessity. Read this post to know about the necessity of buying a house in the city.
While visiting a Delhi hypermarket in a mall , I found that people used the mall for recreation; and the hypermarket to buy grocery products available on discount sale. I have not found  any friend, or acquaintance, who shops regularly from a hypermarket. There are various aspects in Delhi which is different from a city like Dubai. Let us examine a few of them.
Skyscrapers makes a difference
Delhi: In Delhi there are more four storied buildings than skyscrapers, so you are still in touch with the ground. Everyday there are a number of street vendors who bring fresh vegetables and fruits to the door steps. However, in the new satellite cities of Delhi, dominated by skyscrapers, the residents have to depend on hypermarket for weekly shopping. 
Dubai: My friends in Dubai, living in skyscrapers, have only two option – either to make a trip to the hypermarket or to make a call to the nearest department shop for home delivery. 
Freshness of the items
Delhi:  After having seen the garden fresh vegetables and fruits in the market, you would think twice before buying fruits and vegetables from a Delhi hypermarket. The fruits and vegetable section of any Delhi hypermarket is the most lackluster place. The fish displayed on ice trays are attractive but we can get fresher fish from fish market;  price also matter. 
Dubai: In the Lulu Hypermarket the variety of fruits and vegetables still retained it’s freshness and juiciness. Since the products sold fast, the vegetables and fruits were of the latest stock.
Income matters
Delhi:  The parking charges inside the malls is a major deterrent. Consumers feel the money they saved in shopping is spent on the parking lot. The food courts are also expensive, so after shopping they have food at the road side food stalls. 
Dubai:  People say living expense is high here, but my friends never complain about parking charges or food court expenses. Just like we Delhiites have chaats from street food stalls, people in Dubai have Mac donalds and Dominos.
In short, for a common Delhite going to Delhi hypermarket is a luxury which can be fulfilled only if they have disposable income. For a common man in Dubai a visit to hypermarket is part of the monthly expenditure. 

Ancy Abraham

Serve global brands in India with desi tadka

global brands in india
Global brands in India know that only Indian consumers can save the slowing luxury market. Many global brands in India have tried to convert the simplicity loving Indians to consumers of luxury. Read this post to find why the common man in Delhi still prefers a nearby Kirana store to a hypermarket. 
During my school days, Maggi 2 minute noodles was one of the first global brands to be launched in the Indian market. Most of my friends brought the Maggi after being enthralled by the advertisement of children greedily eating the Maggi. 
The taste of the Maggi was so alien that word of mouth spread about Maggi being tasteless. After a few days, two packs of Maggi were distributed to every student of my school. As we did not like the cooked Maggi, we preferred to eat bits of raw, crisp Maggi. After a few years, someone discovered that Maggi is tasty if prepared like Upma, with sauteed onion and spices. Slowly Maggi became part of our diet. Now Maggi has become a member of the staple diet of India. Bachelor or kid alone at home have Maggi as the main course for the lunch or dinner. 
Maggi, took more than a decade to become ‘sells by itself’ consumer good in India. Though I don’t remember the initial taste, I’m sure the taste of the spice powder with the Maggi pack has been reinvented to suit the Indian taste. 
A study by Departures magazine in association with Ledbury Research, also says that the Indian market is hard to get because they prefer ‘log-free clothes and accessories’. In India, we look for quality, durability and reasonable rates. The attitude of the shopkeeper is a great influence in the choice of a product. If you treat the customer like a king and assist them in their selection they will surely buy at least one product. If you think that by announcing with the launch of a famous global brands in India, with a bang, the customers in India will make a beeline to the outlets, then forget it! Only those who travelled abroad are aware of the brand. Forget about the foreign brand, even some Indian brands are more famous abroad than in India. I brought a Hidesign bag and proudly displayed the brand in front of my friends, neighbours and colleagues; sadly no one recognized the brand, they just said, “the bag looks good, how much did it cost?”
Marketing strategy of global brands in India has to be tailor-made, with a bit of desi tadka.  Indians consumers like to adopt the goodness of the western lifestyle, without compromising on their Indian identity. Products and brands like Indo-western wear, Globaldesi, Satyapaul and Macdonald’s Masala grill allow the consumers to follow the global trend while still holding on to the tradition. If global brands in India wants the Indian consumers to save the luxury market, then add a little tadka, Indian flavour, to the products. 

Ancy Abraham