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Every day a new buzzword in created which gives an idea about the latest trend in various field. For instance the Buzzword SAHM ‘Stay at Home Mom’ is popular among mother with little children. Buzzwords inspires and motivates towards success.

Success is a result of passion and persistence

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God gifted at least one talent to each person, and some may outperform others with their talents. We need to discover talents  God gave us, and develop them with passion, hard work and sincerity to achieve success in life. Read this post to know how work from home moms can work professionally. 

Every successful person worked hard to shine their talents. Every time they get money or recognition they worked even harder to give a better performance next time. Sometimes there are failures and hurdles, but  their previous successes keep their hopes alive, and they persist with passion for higher achievements in life.

Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Usain Bolt, J K Rowling, are known for their winning streaks, but they too had their bad times and failures. However, successful people have the following winning trait in common:


The never daydream, they do not wait for things to happen rather they work passionately to make things happen. Success comes at the least expected moment.

Watch the presentation to find out how success, passion and persistence helped these famous people reap rewards in the form of money, fame and awards.


5 reasons why network marketing survives?

Though  Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies are always in the news for the wrong reason, everyday thousands of people join some kind of network marketing  business. Why do people join a commission based business, which they were criticizing until yesterday? There may be many compelling reasons:

  1. The fact that you can earn extra income is inviting.
  2. The training and business proposal sections are so disciplined that you feel lucky to be part of the group. After all a common man can never imagine attending such power-packed and inspirational training sections while shuttling between office and home for regular jobs.
  3. Many people testify to life changing experiences after joining network marketing. An illiterate, uncouth man suddenly gets a makeover as a well informed, impeccably dressed business man.
  4. People do not feel burdened to pay for the unique, attractive and sometime uninteresting products as they get the add-on business opportunity.  Usually you just buy a product and use it, here you buy a product and your dreams and goals get a new lease of life.
  5. The add-on benefit is more valuable than the product itself – the friends you make at the meetings; the opportunity to do a business; the unending discussion that you have with the friends, travelling to new and exquisite locations for training, mingling with people of various cultures and many other reasons make some network marketeers remain hooked to the network marketing company.

The legality of network marketing is a much debated issue globally. However everyday new and innovative range of products are introduced into the market using the word of mouth method. What strikes me about network marketing is the uniqueness of the products and the brand loyalty of the representatives. Read the post to find out how passion and persistence helped successful people to reach their goal.

Every person that I know is a member of some kind of network marketing scheme – cosmetics, kitchenware, education schemes,…. But most of them are unaware of their being part of a  Network Marketing Business. So they say that in their business model they get commissions if they join someone in the scheme; and it is OK if they fail to join new members, they can be satisfied with the product purchased. According to me the above sentence is the definition of networking marketing.

 Network marketing in any other name is acceptable to the public – social scheme, education scheme, independent business representation. Which came first the MLM schemes or the double-faced attitude of people about money making. Whichever came first, as long as people want to try new ways to generate income, new network marketing schemes will come up in innovative marketing garbs – chit funds, health products, real estate business…….

A tour to Rudraprayag flood hit area


Minutes after I switched off the television after watching disturbing pictures of a journalist reporting in shoulder-deep water, and people helplessly waiting for rescue and food, I got a call from a volunteer in Rudraprayag flood hit area –  one of the worst hit districts in the 2013 flood, that this district encounters a less grievous situation in the 2014 flood which drowned the Kashmir valley. In his on the spot report , the reporter who works for rehabilitation of 2013 flood victims, said that the roads for commuting are not flooded while you can see the traces of receding flood waters in long distant locations.

The reporter who traveled to Rudraprayag flood hit area a few months back said he drank the crystal clear waters of the Ganges during his last on the contrary now the furious Ganges flows with a mixture of mud she carries from the mountains far away–Since  the Dhabas and the Lodges on the roadsides of Rudraprayag flood hit area functions on full swing there is no scarcity of food, water or shelter.

However the long haul in commuting on the passable roads eroded by floods, good enough for one just one vehicle to pass through, left the reporter stuck on the road for over two hours.

Yet in the midst the destruction caused by the cloudburst, landslide and flash flood, the reporter can’t stop describing the beauty of the Mountains. He says ” the beauty of the Himalayan mountain dressed in the melting snow can neither be captured in a camera nor described in a few lines.



Work from home and still be a professional

work from home moms

Which is the best way of nurturing of kids – saving money saved for their higher education or spending time with them for homework and extracurricular activities? By being a work from home mom,  with 8 hours weekday job and three hours of commuting, I compromised on kids activities – sports, music and other extracurricular. Which is not a sign of ideal parenting. In addition the kids managed their food and personal care instead of enjoying a carefree childhood.  In order to foster a suitable environment for kids during their growing up time, I concluded, it is better to be a work from home mom rather than a hardcore professional. Find out why Network Marketing Survives in this post.

A work from home mom! that will be a disgrace to my parents who financed my higher studies and a breach of faith to the friends, and colleagues, who expected I will reach the  ultimate of the corporate ladder. The moment the bundle of joy was kept is my hand, and I looked in the baby’s eyes, heard it’s helpless cries, my career goals took a back seat–  I had to choose which is the highest priority – my needs or the needs of the one who is completely dependent on me.

Homemaker is a job without appraisal or rewards–No one praises you for keeping a spick-and-span home; kids take your presence at home for granted; friends and relatives use you as a help for babysitting or for getting odd chores done.  On the other hand, as a professional there is nothing compared to the joy while noticing the message in mobile of salary credited to the account.

Women in their forties regret to have sacrificed their profession for the family during the growing-period of their careers. Women after a long parenting break end up converting their hobbies into an income generating business – cooking, tailoring, horticulture, beautician, etc.

However a growing tribe of young women professionals opt to be work from home moms who while being full time homemakers take up home-based work assignments. Everyday work from home moms set aside a few hours for work assignments and thereby earn a  handsome monthly income while taking care of kids’ homework, football coaching and dance classes.

There is an ocean of work from home opportunities in every job industry about which you can find by do web research or talking to professionals in your industry to find out suitable work from home assignments.

Additionally, you will not miss the benefits of being in a job environment — the teamwork, learning, the synergy, job appraisals – – if you  work from home in a professional manner. Here are a few tips to  help you work like a true professional when you work from home.

Do not change the profession for the sake of convenience

First and  foremost do not to change the professional industry that you belong whether it is information technology, journalism, teaching, etc. Take up a part-time job or an online job to remain connected to the profession.

Remain in touch with your industry

Always be in touch with your profession– take up assignments, talk to professional friends and learn new skills. Remember the poster of a wrinkled hand, praying in front of a candle – the story goes that a painter worked as a labourer in his youth to earn a living and he thought to pursue his passion after fulfilling his duties. After fulfilling his duties when he tried to paint his hands has lost the flexibility and magic, so he stood before a candle and prayed to God to restore his lost talent.

Build up your network

Remain in touch with the industry – friends, teachers, colleagues and experts. You will know the development in the industry and when there is requirement your contacts will suggest your name .

Be active in social media

Social media is a  wonderful tool where you know what are the developments in the industry, whereby you can not only remain updated on the new happenings in the industry, but also you can acquire new connections via Facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.

Be up to date on the developments in your niche industry

In this age of information explosion, it is not a question of where or how to obtain the information, but what information is relevant to your career development. Reading newspapers, books regularly and in addition there are a number of online magazines that will send regular updates. Sign in for google alerts and the latest information on the topic of your choice will come to your email.

Learn new skill or study industry specific courses

The biggest challenge of the home-maker is to be available for every member of the family whenever they require your help. However there are pockets of time during the day when you are free which can be utilized to earn a degree or a diploma. The greater the number of qualifications, the catchier your CV looks, in addition to the  knowledge gained. Also the future employer will understand that you are a self-motivated individual.

Contribute via freelancing to your industry

Every job industry requires freelancers and part time employees, about which you can find out utilizing online search and contacts.

A small act can make a big difference

tumblr_n4dwczcvgL1so22nbo1_1280Dear Friends, Every day many of your friends request you to press like button in facebook ‘Post’ or ‘Page’.  A ‘click’ on the ‘like’ button will make lot of difference in the life of your friends. Your one like like buttonwill be a stepping stone for a friend to set up a business. Just a click shows a lot about your personality:

  • Trust:  When you press like button in facebook it show your trust in the friends that send the post. It show that you know that they will send only valuable posts to be liked.
  • Helping mind: By liking atleast one page or post a day you are helping one person everyday.
  • Listening to other: Your friends will understand that there is some one out there who cares about their activities on facebook. If you like others posts and pages then they will like and comment on your posts and pages as well.

A Midnight for the Mass

midnight mass

During the festival seasons, the most debated issue in the media and at homes is about the branding of the festivals. As we try to fiercely hold on to the tradition there is fear that the celebrations overtake the spiritual side of the festival. Read this post to find how the Christmas cakes have evolved in three generations of a family.midnight mass
This Christmas season cakes worth crores of rupees were sold in Delhi itself. Cakes, Santa, Star, Christmas tree, are not symbolic to the birth of Jesus in any manner. When ‘x’ is used instead of Christ, to denote Christmas (Xmas), Christ is sometime forgotten. During a Christmas celebration when a compere asked the audience about the meaning of Christmas. A child replied “Birthday of Santa Claus”. After all it was a child, and the child of another faith had come for Christmas celebration – that is something to be Joyful about.
midnight mass
There is Hope! The spirit and fervor of the festival is still alive.
In recent years after the midnight mass when the Christians go home to celebrate, thousands of people of other faiths visit the Churches in Delhi. They attend the prayers inside the church (language is not an issue), light candles and wait patiently for the visit of Santa, who comes with cakes and sweets.
The people in the above pictures are neither members of the that Church nor Christians. They are few of the thousand who come to this Church, every year, on Christmas Day. The prayers the people, from north India, are attending is being conducted mostly in malayalam.

Ancy Abraham

Parenting now and then differ

Parenting now and then; is a common topic of discussion when parents of two generation meet. Parents groom the children to attain certain goals. They want their children to be social, good at sports, academically excellent and gifted artist. Parents plan the course of the kid’s life with activities and classes that will nurture them to reach the goal. Parent of 80’s and 90’s say that when they were children they just grew up like plants and trees; now our children are nurtured, with nutritions and skills, so that they have the right kind of growth. Read this post about introducing wife as ‘The wife’.

 This is an age of abundance, and people want to hoard everything and gear up for an uncertain future when thing can go really wrong. May be the doomsday will happen, or a deluge, or global warming may destroy the earth, or maybe there will be war for water. Parenting now and then has a wide gap.
My parents had short term goal, they saved to buy a cot, or a television, or a house. Now I have everything, what I want to make sure is that these comforts remain forever. All the ‘how to’ articles give some tips to make a better tomorrow. 
Here are a few of parenting now and then –  ‘Then’ (of 80’s & 90’s) and ‘Now’ (of the present time). Difference is how our parents lived their lives and how we plan our lives now:
  • Parenting: 
Then – They spent all their earning to sent the children to the best school they can afford. They gave the children the same food they ate. The children played outside the house when they were not studying. Children participated in school and community cultural programs without any formal training. 
Now –  Now also parents sent children to the costliest school, but they make sure that the children get all round development. Children are given special diet supplement, fruits and  vitamins, that will ensure proper growth. The timing of the study, play and other activity is set in advance. The children are encouraged to use play-way method games so that their play time is also utilized for education. Regular Coaching classes are given for sports and music. Children participate in all the competition in a very professional manner. 
  • Housing: 
Then – They just wanted one dream house in any one part of the world. 
Now –  People buy apartments and plots is different parts of the world as part of investment. Many houses means you can change the residence according to the favourable condition of the place. 
  • Food

Then – Mother did all the cooking, whether for school, office, home or a party. There was a strict food regime; biscuits and chocolate were a treat once in a blue moon.

Now –   You can even get home delivered kid’s school lunch box. Most of the nutritions are acquired from processed food like corn flakes, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, milk supplements and tetra packed fruit juices. Biscuits and ice creams are so common that children have choices of their brands and flavours. 
 Parenting now and then dynamically differ. Now there is a branding is all the activities, while then parents followed traditional methods and took advice from elders. 
Whatever may be the methods of parenting now and then, nature has given us a parents instinct to nurture our kids. Rely more on our instincts to groom the children.

Ancy Abraham

How to introduce spouse: “the wife” or “my wife”

how to introduce spouse
Recently I heard someone introduce his wise as “the wife”. I have heard people address their wives as “my wife” (which is the translation of ‘meri biwi’ in hindi). ‘The’ in grammar is used to indicate the particular person or thing you mean, eg. “The house at the end of the road”; “the girl sitting at the end of the row”. ‘The wife’ is grammatically right and emotionally wrong. Abraham’s wife = The wife of Abraham; which mean grammatically calling ones wife ‘the wife’ is perfectly alright. Read to find out why a tiger killed a man because of the on-lookers ignorance. 
Some women say that as long as the husbands don’t address them as ‘mummy of my kids’, they are ok to be addressed as ‘the wife’. Recently someone said that Sridevi calls her husband, Boney Kapoor, Papa.
In the ordinary Indian setting where we use indianized english in social conversation, without worrying about the grammatical impact, I think if I were asked how to introduce spouse in a party?  I will say I would like to be addressed as ‘This is My Wife’.

Ancy Abraham