Paint your homes with Royale Atmos to purify indoor air from hazardous Formaldehyde

During a seminar, about Cancer in the modern world, an eminent oncologist said that smoke from the chimney caused more cancer than from cigarette smoking. His views were based on a study conducted in China in which it was found that non-smoking women had more cancer than men who smoked.

Indoor air may be more polluted than outdoor air

Sometimes there are things indoors which are more health hazardous than in the outer environment.

Another interesting factor, during the seminar, was when a woman asked the doctor if she was right is keeping the windows of her home closed for years. Since the traffic pollution is increasing she feared that air in her home will get polluted leading to health problems.

Doctor asked her to open all the windows so that fresh air circulates in the home. Keeping the windows closed won’t prevent hazardous elements coming inside the house. There are many other reasons for getting health problems.

One of the reasons for indoor air pollution is Formaldehyde which can even cause cancer.

Sources of Formaldehyde

There are more than two dozen sources of Formaldehyde at homes. Some of the indoor sources of Formaldehyde are:

  • Air fresheners
  • Essential oils
  • Cleaning products containing terpenes
  • Paper towels
  • Cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • Combustion byproducts from water heaters and stoves
  • Vehicle exhaust
  • Clothes treated with formaldehyde
  • Polyester, cotton blend, or permanent press bedsheets.

Why paint with Royale Atmos?

Royale Atmos reminds me of the seminar because the paint is said to reduce the level of formaldehyde inside the homes. The pain is a solution to reduce indoor pollution.

How does Royale Atmos clean the air?

Royale Atmos paint breaks down the harmful Formaldehyde into harmless molecules and thus purifies the air. This is an entirely new concept in India. We haven’t known about the presence or the harmful nature of formaldehyde in our indoor environment.

Qualities of Royale Atmos

Reduces Formaldehyde by 85%

In surveys, Formaldehyde has been found to be one of the reasons for Cancer. Hence the paint will as a defender of the health of family members from the harmful effects of Formaldehyde. Royale Atmos reduces Formaldehyde by 85%.

Purifies the indoor air #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

Royale Atmos is not just the fighter against Formaldehyde, it is much more than that. It purifies the indoor air.

Environment-friendly product

It is an environment-friendly product, hence there is no fear about using the paint in this age of fragile environmental conditions.

Tested and proven product

The paint has been tested at the state-of-the-art labs of the Asian Paints.  Royale Atmos was also painted and tested in the houses of consumers in order to ensure that the product delivers the utmost result to the users.

In a way, I feel that this tested and approved paint will help to purify the air indoors. Whereby preventing the nonsmokers from suffering from diseases that happen because of no fault of theirs.

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