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Flying car tested; 52 Kg plastics in a cows rumen; Kamar Sanu apologises for his son

Flying car takes successful maiden flight

Flying car becoems a reality. A car on the road that can start flying within 3 minutes, named AirCar flew, has been successfully tested in Slovakia. The two-seater car, weighing 1000 kg and with the capacity to carry 200 kg was created by a professor Stefan Klein. In the maiden test, from Piestany Airport, the professor made travel of 1300 km. The car seems to have buyers and will be available for sale within six months. In this age of heavy traffic, those who own the car can save time alighting from a flight and waiting for a car to reach the destination.

52 kilo Plastic waste, coins, needles and pins from a cows rumen

In a colossal example of man’s highhandedness in handling plastic waste, A cow in Tamil Nadu consumed 52 kg of plastic for 2 years. According to reports, even after giving birth, the cow was giving only 2 litres of milk. Also, it was trying to kick the stomach because of some kind of pain. Therefore the owner of the cow took it to a vet and the doctor could feel the presence of plastic even on preliminary inspection. The cow was taken to Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) in Vepery, where after x-ray and scanning, a surgery of 5 hours was conducted to remove the waste. A team of doctors performed the surgery; apart from a mammoth 52 kilo plasti waste, pins, needles, and coins were also found in the rumen. When we dispose of the waste we must think about our fellow living being.

Kumar Sanu apologises for Son’s remark on Marathi

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