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Nothing imported, including liquor, at military canteens. Latest lifestyle news Oct 24

Nothing imported, including Liquor, at military canteens

As per sources, foreign goods will not be sold from the 4000 military canteens in the Country. From Liquor, electronic goods and many other foreign goods, the military canteen store department (CSD) sold over $2billion goods, thereby making them one of the largest retailers in India. The Military personnel used to buy imported items at discounted rates that formed almost 6-7% of the canteend total sales. The move is aimed to support the initiative of the Prime Minister to support products manufactured in India. According to reports finished goods from foreign countries will not be sold, which mean scotch from Scotland Whisky will not be available, however liquors bottled in India with imported ingredients will be available.

US Election: One vote from Space

Kate Rubins, the only American Astronaut in International Space Station, cast her vote for the US Election. For the election that will be held on November 3rd, she voted from a padded ISS Voting Booth in Crew-1 and tweeted an image in front of the booth with the caption “I Voted”. Ahead of the space mission, the astronauts register as absentee voter through Federal Postcard Application or FPCA, like the Military personnel. In the 2016 Election also, Rubins voted from the Space.

3 Apps removed from Google Play

The seemingly innocent-looking APPs, aimed at children were removed by Google. The three APPs together had more than 20 Million downloads and were popular. However, they were found to breach the Data collection Policy of Google. The violation which was identified by a nonprofit watchdog in Boston. The three removed APPs – Princess Salon, Number Coloring and Cats & Cosplay were retrieving Android ID and AAID (Android Advertising ID) numbers of the Users.

Neha Kakkar’s Mehendi Ceremony pictures shared

Beautiful and bubbly, Neha Kakkar shared here Mehendi Ceremony pictures. She looks as charming as always, in the pictures of her pre-wedding ceremonies going viral. Neha’s Wedding with Rohanpreet Singh became a buzz when the picture of the Rokha ceremony was shared online two weeks ago. She is in Delhi with her family where the marriage takes place.

Watch Iceland Prime Minster when Earthquake struck during live interview

During an online interview with Washington Post, the Iceland Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir was interrupted by a 5.6 magnitude Earthquake. The building and everything in the room rattles, and a shockedJakobsdóttir says “Oh my god, there’s an earthquake.” Within moments she recomposes, smiles and says “Well, this is Iceland,” and resumes answering the question about Coronavirus affecting the tourism in Iceland. The Prime Minister herself tweeted the video, which went viral, with the caption “I hope everyone is feeling good and steady”.

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