NASA to make an exciting new announcement about moon in an hour, LIFESTYLE NEWS today snippets OCT 26

NASA to make exciting new announcement; Covid vaccine shows immune response on elderly; Hrithik Roshan buys apartments for Rs 1 Crore;….

NASA to make an exciting new announcement about moon in an hour

NASA to make exciting new announcement about the Moon, today October 26th at 4 PM, GMT. Though they have not revealed what will be said, there were a lot of clues, in the press release, about the announcement. ‘This discovery contributes to NASA’s efforts to learn about the Moon in support of deep space exploration’ says the press release on the NASA website. Besides, NASA plans to send the first woman, and next man, to Moon in 2024; and prepare for the next giant leap of man – Exploration of Mars by 2030.  To watch the live announcement visit the channel.

Oxford Covid vaccine trial shows immune response on elderly


In a new ray of hope, Covid-19 vaccine under trial by Oxford and AstraZeneca seems to protect the elderly against the virus. The group which is so far the most vulnerable to Covid-19 has shown ‘robust immune response’ according to a Financial Times report. As the age factor increases, the immunity level comes down; hence the elderly are the most prone to have a fatal infection. In the dedicated effort being done the world over, to come up with a vaccine that can protect the population against the virus, the vaccine under trial at Oxford is proving to show a positive response. The test reveals that volunteers from the age of 18-55 developed positive antibodies and T-cells, which those familiar with the research say is a ‘robust immune response’.

Thousands of seals die in Namibia

Thousands of Cape fur seals were found dead on the beaches of central Namibia. The dead seals were first noted in the middle of October at a place which is a breeding colony. There were seal foetus, miscarried by the female seals. and later there was an increase in the number of dead adults seals also. The dead seals were estimated to be between 5000 and 7000, and the numbers were increasing with the death probably caused by malnutrition, pollution or disease. The reason for the starvation could be because the Fish is few in this area now. Similarly in 1994 estimated 15,000 seals had died due to starvation.

Hrithik Roshan buys apartments for Rs 1 Crore

The Krissh actor Hrithik Roshan bought triple flats facing the Arabian Sea. The flats on the 14th, 15th and 16th floor were bought for a total of Rs 97.5 Core and he spent Rs 1.95 for the registration, with a total amount of around Rs 100 Crore. The actor plans to convert the 38000 sq. ft. apartments into a bungalow which will be a ‘Mansion in the Air”. 

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