More Indian than you think

As India has a population of 121 billion, which is one-sixth of world population, Hollywood movies produced nowadays have an Indian angle to capture the Indian audience. May be it is an Indian actor, a shooting done in an Indian location or the story of an Indian family. Anyhow, Hollywood knows that Indians watch or buy only those content or commodity that has an Indian angle.

There is no doubt that the Indian way of thinking, contributed to the success of Lufthansa airways. In fact I started noticing the Lufthansa Commercial only because of the Indian angle given to the TVC #MoreIndianThanYouThink. The Lufthansa Airlines commercial shows the German Airlines serving Indian food and welcoming the flyers with a Namaste will capture the attention of any Indian.

Every state in India has a different diet, however one commonness in the spicy ingredients used in all the preparation. For instance, Keralites have mountains of rice with rivers of buttermilk and fish curry prepared in Kerala tamarind for lunch. A friend from Kerala who recently went on her first international flight trip, felt the food of the International Airlines she travelled were beggarly. For her the little bowl of spice-less rice was like having a starter. After hearing such experiences I firmly believe that Lufthansa Airlines providing Indian cuisine on the flight is a great blessing.

Be it the creamy layer of the Indian society, or a middle class Indian, when they go on a foreign trip they crave for spicy Indian food, so they sneak in electric cookers inside the hotel room and cook some Indian food on their own. When someone flies abroad their predominant worry is about missing authentic Indian food. Hence to know that Lufthansa will provide spicy Indian food on the flight is a great relief for the Flyers.

While staying abroad with my father when he was on an outside India posting, he used to always advise me to stick to Indian values. For instance in that place people used to have soft drink or coffee after Lunch and Dinner. My father said such habit is not customary to the lifestyle in India. After returning to India, I wasn’t fussy at all about food, and hence my cousins say they could hardly believe that I was abroad for 3 years.

On the other hand, I had a tremendous exposure to the cultures of various countries, and I watched more English movies and daily sops. And since my friends used to read a lot I also inculcated the habit of reading lot of English novels. Hence I had a cosmopolitan outlook, while following the culture, habits and dressing style which is very much Indian.

Ever since I got employed, I always worked in the English departments of media, educational institution etc. Staff in this department have an air of sophistication and western style of communication. Hence other departments feel a bit reluctant to mingle with the group. Wherever I worked I was the common link between the other departments; the peons and the helpers feel that I am one among them. They fail to understand what I was doing in the sophisticated English department. As far as I was concerned, I could get a sneak-peak and a better understanding of the different classes of the society. There is always a peculiar Indian touch in my articles because of my Indian lifestyle. I can give one example.

Once I was doing a story of the sugar level and other ingredients of popular soft drinks in India. I was not particularly happy with the story because all I had to do was to write about the sugar content and other ingredients of various soft drinks. I gave some box stories about the goodness of lemon juice and how sodas are made locally in India and so on. There was lot of appreciation for the box items, and the reader and reviewers felt that the Indian box stories were more interesting than the main story which was about the big soft drink companies in India. My typical Indian look and manners gave me an edge in inter-department communication that helped me in delivering all the projects provided to me with an Indian touch that was well received by the readers.

Definitely Lufthansa is thinking more Indian than I thought the German Airline could think of. Lufthansa Airlines will reap the benefit for being more Indian than I and all fellow Indians think.

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