Babies ingest microplastic

BABIES INGEST MICRO PLASTIC EVERDAY, Lifestyle News today snippet Oct 22, …..

Babies ingest microplastic; Scientist discover a new organ in throat;apple saves a man; Saif acquires Rs 800 Crore Pataudi Palace

Babies ingest microplastics everday through plastic feeding bottles

Babies ingest microplastic

Babies ingest microplastic everydat, according to a new study, scientist found that babies fed with milk bottles consume millions of microplastics each day. According to the study, 82 per cent of the babies were fed by using the polypropylene plastic feeding bottles, and only a very marginal number of glass feeding bottles were used. The microplastics were released when hot milk or any other liquid was poured into the bottles, and also when the bottles were sterilized in hot water. Similarly, microplastics are released from plastic kettles and food containers.

Scientist discover a new organ in throat

Scientists in the Netherlands accidentally discovered a new salivary gland in the neck, while researching prostate cancer. There are perhaps hundreds of salivary glands, and this particular gland might be responsible for lubricating the upper throat, behind the nose and mouth. During cancer treatments, patients complain of side effects. According to the scientist, the detection of this new set of the salivary gland will help in sparing this gland during some treatments thereby reducing the side effects. The scientist named the “Previously overlooked bilateral macroscopic salivary glands” as “tubarial glands” and said, “Sparing these glands in patients receiving RT may provide an opportunity to improve their quality of life.”

An apple saves a man from Heart Failure

Proving true the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, the modern-day Apple Watch saved the life of a Heart patient in India. 61-year old R. Rajhans was gifted an Apple Watch Series 5, by his son who studies in Harvard. The Apple Watch includes a feature to monitor the ECG. When Mr Rajhans, a retired Pharmacist, felt uneasy, he checked the ECG. He was feeling the discomfort in the night too. They shared their concern with the doctor and he was diagnosed with a valve failure, which could lead to cardiac arrest and heart-related fatalities. Surgery was performed and the mitral valve was replaced. Siddharth Rajhans, who worked in various companies in Silicon Valley, including Apple, informed Apple CEO, Tim Cook, about how the App save his fatther. Mr Cook wished him a speedy recovery.

28 year old doctor, a covid vaccine trial volunteer, dies

28-year-old, Covid-19 Vaccine trial volunteer, died yesterday in Brazil. The news was reported by the Brazilian Health Authority, Anvisa, however the Vaccine trials will continue they said. On te other hand, AstraZeneca, says that their trial volunteer, a Frontline Doctor, was not administered the vaccine. But there are claims made by the media that the person was given a shot of placebo and not the trial vaccine.

Saif acquires Rs 800 Crore Pataudi Palace

Saif Ali Khan buys back Pataudi Palace for Rs 800Cr. The Palace initially built by his grandfather, for his grandmother, was leased out for a hotel, by his father Mansoor Ali Pataudi, to run a hotel. Saif, who currently owns the property, wanted to regain the family property as his father and grandparents are buried there. When the opportunity arose he wrapped up the lease and took the ownership of the ancestral property. Saif, along with Karina and Taimur spent one month at the palace. He said that he was eventually planning to stay at the Palace.

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