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glitter is not good, banned during Christmas season; Sustainable Seafood is the new trend; the ‘long-coronavirus’ symptom; Young man demolishes neighbour’s shop with JCV; PeeCee’s new Hollywood Movie…..Read on

All that glitter is not good for environment

Glitter is not good for environment. As the Christmas season approaches, British retailers like Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis are ensuring that there should be no glitter on crackers, wrapping paper and gift bags that they sell in the outlets. Glitter contains plastic, and microplastic cause tremendous damage to the environment. Recently, a large quantity of microplastic was found piled under the ocean. Compared to the larger plastic menace, the consumption of glitter is less than one per cent; hence taking steps to curb the usage of glitter may not make a huge impact. But, curbing usage of glitter helps in adding one more positive step towards banning plastic.

There is Growing consumer interest in Sustainable Seafood

Many retail brands are now opting for sustainable seafood as consumers are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability and the environment. Retailers like Walmart now supply seafood in both fresh and frozen category procured from sustainable sources. There seems to be a positive response from the customers as they are getting information that trace the route of the seafood.

The long coronavirus symptom

Now that the pandemic is nearing one year, a new study shows that the coronavirus infection time period can be short or long. While many recovered in 14 days, 10% remain affected even after three weeks, and 5% remain sick for months. When the symptoms of covid seem to subside in one or two organs, for instance, the heart and the lung, the symptoms reappear in another Physiological areas. According to a study by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the symptoms fluctuated and moved around in the body through the kidneys, the brain, the gut, the liver and the skin, cardiovascular system and heart. The study points towards long terms physiological and social effect of Novel Coronavirus.

A young man demolishes a neighbour’s shop with JCV

Common man getting inspired by the movies, and trying to imitate in real life, is an old story. And most of the time, the attempt becomes News for all wrong reasons. In this case, whether Albin Mathew, in Kannur district of Kerala, took inspiration from a movie or not is not known however his demolition act so much resembles a famous scene from the movie Ayyapanum Koshiyum that the video went viral. In the video , Albin says he is irritated with a neighbour, whose grocery he alleges is used for illegal activities in the night. He says the youngsters in the area are worried as the police did not take any action against the owner despite repeated complaints. Hence he uses a JCV, (as in the movie), to flatten the structure which has been used for anti-social activities for the past three decades. According to reports Albin got arrested for taking law in his hands. Watch the clip of Demolition.

Priyanka Chopra’s yet another Hollywood Movie assignment

Priyanka Chopra will star along with Celine Dion and Sam Heughan in her next Hollywood movie, a remake of the 2016 movie in German-language SMS Fur Dich. Priyanka currently is working on several Hollywood projects – two Netflix films We Can Be Heroes and The White Tiger; a series Citadel, and presently shooting for Matrix 4 in Germany. PeeCee took to her Instagram and Twitter handle to share an image of the announcement of the Movie, titled ‘Text for You’, with the caption “So excited to kick start this amazing movie with such incredible people! Jim Strouse, Sam Heughan, Celine Dion. It’s my honour. Let’s gooooo,”. While Celine Dion is a Grammy Award winner, Sam Heughan is famous for his two Netflix movies.

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