Christmas decoration

5 Christmas decoration ideas 2021

Christmas and New Year are the times for festivity, and the celebration begins with decoration. Conceptualizing what should be the decoration Christmas hangings from the attic are the first two steps.

Trends in Christmas decoration 2021

Now the trend is to decorate the entire home for Christmas with more than one tree. Because over the years you might have collected a number of trees and Christmas trinkets, that make the entire household christmassy.

Christmas Star

In India, hanging atleast one Christmas star is like a ritual, before deciding whether to decorate the house and tree. Christmas star light display is a art where the creative and technical skill of the family members gets displayed. The stars are mostly hung in a muscial display of light with more than one star.

Christmas tree topper

Christmas decoration is incomplete without a christmas tree and and the tree is incomplete without a tree topper. Usually a star is kept on the top, but as the star has become common, now bows and bells are used. The Christmas tree topper is like the crowning glory of the tree.

Christmas ribbon

The ribbons that are use for Christmas are a must-have, because you can hang them around the house and also make bows and flowers with them.

Christmas tree picks

Chrismas tree picks is the latest attraction the collection of Christmas decorations. The picks can be places on the tree to give a fuller look and also can be used as wall decoration.

Christmas tree

Not just one treee, having more than one tree decoated at homes is the latest trend. The living room, the corridor, the balcony, the outer courtyard and the kids rooms are the places to decorate with tree. The reason is that over the years, we have a number of trees in the house from the normal green pine trees, white christmas tree, trees with snow on the tips and the ones with light bulbs.

Christmas decoration in wrapping cake

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