Solar Power: A wonderful boonsolar powerThe survival of life, human culture and the very existence of our planet Earth largely depend on developing and using renewable and nonconventional sources of energy. The first source of such a form of energy that comes to people in their right minds is solar energy. There are a wide variety of reasons why solar power is most beneficial to humankind.
A visit to one of the weirdest museums in the world: the Toilet MuseumThe Toilet Museum is unique and has been rated as the third most weirdest museum in the world. There is an interesting collection of toilets and commodes from around the world. The mobile commodes used by the Englishmen during hunting camps and the throne like commode used by King Louis XIV of France. Further there used the waste to generate water and electricity setting an example of green living.
GREENER POWER:Solar Power Plant to reduce a hospitals Electricity Bill:

Solar panel

A mission hospital uses Solar Power to meet energy requirement of 100 beds including Air Conditioner. The cleaner, greener and sustainable source of energy  is estimated to take care of 30% of energy needs of the hospital and reduce the monthly electricity bill by Rs 3 – 5 lakh.

VERTICALFARMING:Vertical Farming for Fresh VegtablesVERTICAL FARMINGVertical farming techniques are quite familiar as we are now aware of the cultivation of tomatoes in hot houses. vertical farming building will be a high-tech building with fully automated systems for watering the farms, providing the lights etc. The existing successfully used technologies like drip irrigation, aeroponics and hydroponics can provide the basis for the vertical farming. 

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