Amartya Sen’s reflection on contemporary issuesamartya sen's reflectionRecently Amartya Sen discussed his new book, “The Country of First Boys”, at the India International Centre, in Delhi.  “This book is a celebration of the mind which sees, judges but does not necessarily pass a verdict on,” says Gopalkrishna Gandhi, who was the moderator at the meeting.  Hiranya Mukherjee is described by him in the book as one of his heroes and Hiranya Mukherjee has said famously in his speech that what is true and what is unpleasant has few speakers and few listeners. 

How to become a part of the world toilet dayWorld Toilet DayOne out of seven people in the world defecate in the open. 2.4 million people in the world do not have access to a toilet. Some of you might have vague memories of make-shift toilets in your villages. In this age when we have state-of-the-art toilets in our homes, it is very difficult to imagine that there are people in the world who have to wait for sunset so that they can answer the call off nature.  

How the helmet wooed my heart…  sorry my head!  and a bit on Life coaching…

life skills
Courtesy: Manu Stephen

Life coaching is more like a helmet or better, since it saves not only your head but has the power to enhance exponentially the quality of your lives be it in the area of body, mind, soul, career, finances, relationships etc.  The benefits are mostly overlooked probably because of ignorance, neglect or the uncomfortable or rather depressing acknowledgement of things you always know but seldom do.   One might think why he has to pay for something, which he already knew, though in his heart he would agree that he didn’t do those things he knew..

Dear Parent, Life Skills dosen’t mean just Leadership skills:life skillsLife Skills are the skills we require to deal with the challenges we face everyday in school, office, family, society, etc. There are no specific list of life skills. Depending upon your age, work, environment, you require certain life skills to survive and succeed. Any skill that makes us better equipped to effectively carryout our work can be called as Life Skills. 

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT:Importance of personality development for teachers: personality development of teachers “The personality of a teacher just doesn’t play crucial role on students in enhancing their growth, education and development but it builds confidence among the parents.” says Mr. Vinay Kumar. 

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