Free Wi-Fi in East Central RailwayWi-Fi in East Central Railway 11Of all all the public places, trains are the most essential place that require Free Wi-Fi Connection. While travelling by train we have lot of leisure time. Anix, a global company has come up with an initiative to prove Free Wi-Fi to passengers in East Central Railways.
Nukkad Natak by the consumers for consumers

nukkad natak A smart consumer should not be carried away by advertisement hypes; they should know the difference between junk food and healthy food; and they should know if the Doctor is recommending needless tests for a non existent disease –  so is the message conveyed by the Nukkad Natak (Street Play) and other performances by members of Consumers India.

TOILET MUSEUM: A visit to one of the weirdest museums in the world: the Toilet Museum:

toilet musuem
Louis XIV of France, while using it, gave audience to the public

The Toilet Museum is unique and has been rated as the third most weirdest museum in the world. There is an interesting collection of toilets and commodes from around the world. The mobile commodes used by the Englishmen during hunting camps and the throne like commode used by King Louis XIV of France.

LEAD EXPOSURE:Lead hazard in India!!!

Lead exposure
Info graphics of lead hazard in India

Studies so far in India show that the public knows lead is poisonous, but they are not aware of presence of lead in products they use and in the environment. Lead hazard is a reality in India, city life, as the blood tests and lead related hospitalizations show.

Westerners love spicy Indian food: DSC04601People of Indian were so beautiful, they smile beautifully, they dress beautifully but they spill garbage everywhere. Why don’t people keep the surrounding clean in India.I met two spiritual tourist from US, they were in love with everything about India. They love the food, the clothes – Mohan, with a small ‘choti’ (pony tail) on the head, wore traditional Dhoti, Kurta and Chappal; Indu wore a long skirt and covered her head with a matching duppatta.They suggested that maybe more garbage boxes will solve the problem. Frustrated by the garbage in the public place, on her earlier visits to the park, Indu personally cleared some of the litters. Every Indian knows that what Indu suggested, more garbage bins, cannot solve the garbage issue. But if every Indian does what she voluntarily did then we can present a cleaner India when Indu visits India the next time. Is anyone Volunteering to keep India clean.
RAAHGIRI DAY: Pedestrians reclaim streets on Raahgiri Day:  Every Sunday from 6 to 10 AM, the inner circle of  Connaugt Place is reserved only for pedestrians. Putting aside their usual habit of waking up for brunch on Sunday, Delhiites pour is by 6:00 AM on Sundays at Connaught Place.
DELHI ZOO: White tiger killing Man – questions our civic responsibilities:  According to experts and the media, ‘the White tiger killing Man’, tragedy at the Delhi Zoo took the turn for the worse when the onlookers provoked it with sticks and stones. The video clippings captured show for the first few minutes the encounter was just between the two – the curious tiger and the crouched man before it- probably the onlookers were ignorant or confused regarding how to save the man from being attacked.
DELHI METRO: A Delhi Metro Snag Like Never Before!:   Such a situation never happened in the last five years. During the peak hours, today, the metro was taking three times more time than the original. This was a huge loss for the long distance travelers . There was a student, going to attend an examination. She should have reached the examination center within an hour, however  after one and half hour she was still stuck inside the metro. delhi-metro-to-construct-footover-bridges-ramps-at-stations_010913091258-630x372

DELHI WOMEN: The Career-oriented housemaidIn Delhi career women, who uncompromisingly do the home and office work, believe that their indispensable part time housemaids are the only empowered and emancipated lot in India. The day is made or marred depending upon whether the maid comes or not.  After speaking rudely to the employer she is still confident of not being expelled from her services.

DELHI WINTER: Delhi Winter time is Party Time!:When Delhiites say that Winter is the best time of the year, you have to stay here for a few years to understand what they mean. I used to think, people hibernate during winter season. During the first two years in Delhi, I spent most of the time sitting at home, inside a blanket. Delhi
DELHI PARK:10 birds in delhi spotted in parks:Unlike in olden days when there were more birds than leaves on banyan trees, now you can easily count the birds and there are even fewer banyan trees. While walking through the park I come across different types of birds that are either residents of the park, migratory birds or visitors. DE01_PG2_5-COL_PEGI_938926f
DELHI FESTIVAL:Delhi diwali…..The Day afterToday I went a little late to the park, because days breaks late as winter has set in; and the park, I thought, would be empty after late night Diwali celebration. To my surprise there were people of all age groups in the park and the green juice vendors were busily serving customers. There were some family with children playing on the swings and see-saws.Diwali-girl-embassycuba
DELHI POLLUTION:Say ‘No’ to pollution in delhi: That Delhi is a highly polluted city, is well-known, you can know the difference by staying here for sometime. Due to pollution in Delhi people say their food intake is less than half of what they have in the village. Delhiites always say “Nothing is fresh here”.55abcda1-0fd5-4435-b947-b5ff81228ef1HiRes
CELEBRATIONSA Midnight for the Mass: In recent years after the midnight mass when the Christians go home to celebrate, thousands of people of other faiths visit the Churches. They attend the prayers inside the church (language is not an issue), light candles and wait patiently for the visit of Santa, who comes with cakes and sweets. The people in the picture below are neither members of the the Church nor Christians. They are few of the thousand, from other faiths, who visit this Church, every year, on Christmas Day. church

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