Boho Chic – A Popular Fashion Style This Summer

bohemianBoho chic evolves every time it becomes a fashion trend, blending the latest trends and ethnic look with the funky, exotic, hippy style. This season the boho chic outfit is a combination of the ethnic with the modern wear – Palzzo Pants, Skirts, Dhotis worn in combination with Crochet Jackets, Blouse and Noodle Strap Tops.

SUCCESS MANTRA:Success is a result of passion and persistenceSteve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Usain Bolt, J K Rowling, are known for their winning streaks, but they too had their bad times and failures. However, successful people have the following winning trait in common:PASSION + SUCCESS + PERSISTENCE

NETWORK MARKETING: 5 reasons why network marketing survives?: Though  Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies are always in the news for the wrong reason, everyday thousands of people join some kind of network marketing  business. Why do people join a commission based business, which they were criticizing until yesterday? There may be many compelling reasons.Network-Marketing-Business-Model 
WORK FROM HOME: Work from home and still be a professional: Which it the best contribution for the nurturing of kids – Is it the money saved for their future or the time contribute for homework and extracurricular activities by being a work from home mom? In order to foster a suitable environment for kids during their growing up time it is better to be a work from home mom rather than a hardcore 
REAL ESTATE: Buying House In City Has Many Benefits:When Delhiites say that Winter is the best time of the year, you have to stay here for a few years to understand what they mean. I used to think, people hibernate during winter season. During the first two years in Delhi, I spent most of the time sitting at home, inside a blanket.images-3- 
ELECTRICITY AND LIFESTYLEHow cheaper electricity rates improves lifestyleCheaper electricity rates means aam aadmi can start the day on a brighter note. Cheaper electricity rates will mean more leverage of time for common man, as people can use more gadgets to get their daily chores done.There will be no mental pressure to multitask to save electricity; instead  multitasking can be done to finish cooking, ironing and water heating at the same time. Cheaper electricity rates for common man  will mean he can start the day like the celebrities and spend time on lucrative and fun filled activities.0a60714a92ff1784_meditation.xxxlarge_1 
FAMILY VALUESParenting now and then differParenting now and then; is a common topic of discussion when parents of two generation meet. Parents groom the children to attain certain goals. They want their children to be social, good at sports, academically excellent and gifted artist. Parents plan the course of the kid’s life with activities and classes that will nurture them to reach the goal. Parent of 80’s and 90’s say that when they were children they just grew up like plants and trees; now our children are nurtured, with nutritions and skills, so that they have the right kind of growth.grandparents_family1
SOCIAL ETIQUETTE:How to introduce spouse: “the wife” or “my wife”Recently I heard someone introduce his wise as “the wife”. I have heard people address their wives as “my wife”. Some women say that as long as the husbands don’t address them as ‘mummy of my kids’, they are ok to be addressed as ‘the wife’. etiquette

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